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Exopolitics: Why am I doing this?

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I'm doing this because people have both a need to know and a right to know that our government has been hi-jacked by individuals over at least the last 60 years, not necessarily elected officials, who created a secret government and have kept high level secrecy in place since the Roswell extraterrestrial crash since 1947, creating the National Security Act of 1947 the same year to insure secrecy around extraterrestrial technology retrieval and study, and down through the years, a host of other unsavory and inhumane projects that have less to do with national security, and more to do with controlling and managing the U.S. population in ways that suit their purposes, for greed and for power.

In recent times we have seen this faction, moving from the shadows but more and more increasingly obvious through their machinations, appoint a president and vice-president by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2000, rather than allow one to be duly elected by the people with a fair, impartial and fully accountable election process. This happened not once but twice, allowing an irresponsible administration to continue in office that has seized unprecedented power and run with it, starting a war of aggression with Iraq, and now posturing for a war with Iran. A president that commutes the sentences of convicted criminals. A president who tries to pass legislation giving himself and his people retroactive protection against war crimes—as much as an admission that he has committed war crimes. A president/administration that sets about dismantling the very Constitution he is sworn to protect—a domestic attack on this cherished document. A president/administration that revokes the rule of Habeas Corpus, a vital component of human rights that predates the founding of United States of America. More and more transparent to a wider and wider cross-section of the U.S. population, only the most deluded can ignore what has been and continues to go on.

When I was in the military, I took an oath to defend the U.S. and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The president, vice-president and members of Congress also take this oath upon entering office. I was also instructed that I was always to put my conscience and values ahead of orders, as well as not to stand in awe of someone of higher rank who might issue an order in conflict with my conscience and values. By such means do we individually and collectively preserve a world worth living in for all of humanity.

I see so many good people shaking their heads, disturbed, wondering how things could get this bad as they are in government today, and while recognizing it’s bad, still even in denial about how bad it truly is because of not having all the information and data they need to have to understand it at its roots. I’m amazed that top military officials, recognizing the responsibility of their oath, have not marched into the Oval office and arrested the president and his entire administration for treason, having demonstrated over and over to be “domestic enemies” of our Constitution.

And how did it get this bad? Secrecy. Secrecy that took root in the past in the aftermath of the Roswell saucer crash in the form of the National Security Act of 1947. Secrecy that allowed select groups of individuals to study and back-engineer truly out-of-this-world technology and release it in small parcels for personal profit and gain, while withholding energy technology that could help to clean up our world, making any war to secure Middle East oil fields an unnecessary and criminal waste—of trillions of dollars that could be turned to much better use—and of human lives. 4000 and counting to date. For an excellent and well researched video dealing with this topic, see Richard Dolan speaking at the 2005 X Conference - How UFO Secrecy Has Damaged American Society:

I quote the words of Ed Komarek, a friend out there on the web:

“Come on folks wake up and smell the coffee. Just think what would have happened to the environmentally destructive fossil fuels industry in the 1950s if ET related cheap, non polluting energy had become publicly available. What would have happened to the arms industry if peace would have broken out around the world? What would have happened to the whole transportation infrastructure monopolies if we transported in levitating anti-gravity vehicles? Who has the most to lose if extraterrestrial reality became common knowledge?”

“The longer the battle goes on, the more people are going to catch on to the fact that it’s the criminal elite, the entrenched interests that are primarily responsible for the 60 year cover up of extraterrestrial reality and the extreme damage to society and the global environment. The global elite have had their day but now are on the run and I hope they will one day be captured and tried in The Hague for crimes against humanity. There should be no amnesty, no appeasement given to these sophisticated criminal gangsters who have done so much damage to society and the environment the past sixty years. We need to rid the world of these people and any extraterrestrial allies they might have assisting them.”

Preparing and disseminating the knowledge to inform people about what is going on is to provide them with the means to ask the questions that must be asked, first within ourselves, then of our elected officials, and of all the alphabet agencies such as the CIA, NSA and more. Our questions must become a thunder in their ears, demanding answers, with so many multitudes asking them that they can’t help but answer or respond in some way. These are some of the questions, to start:

Why this secrecy? What is really going on? Why will you not release technology that can help solve the energy problems we have in this country and the world? Why have so many young people died in a war that never had to even happen in the first place? In an at least ostensible, however questionable and ill-founded, bid to seek out and take nuclear capability away from Moslem nations out of our fear that they will use it against us, why have we become a nation using shock and awe war terrorism to subdue those whom, as it turns out, were never a threat in a nuclear way in the first place? I’d like to see the white house, Congress and the alphabet agencies buried in letters asking these and other tough questions.

It’s hard to break peoples’, the public’s, denial. A campaign of ridicule was formulated at the very beginning of secrecy around extraterrestrials and their craft, to divide and conquer us and make sure that the majority of us never took it seriously, while those who did know, either by their nighttime abductions or exposure during military service, kept quiet out of fear of that ridicule. As far as other government secrets, patriotic U.S. citizens were conditioned to accept that some secrets needed to be kept as stated by the National Security Act of 1947, “for reasons of national security.” Now look at the government, and the world this secrecy has given us.

My partner read this post yesterday and offered the suggestion that perhaps it has too much anger in it, that I should write something more dispassionate. So I let this sit overnight and considered his feedback. As I have read through it again this morning, I feel that it needs to go as it is. He said it was a rant. I agree, and sometimes anger is the most appropriate emotion to express when a person’s, or a population’s boundaries have been so violated that basic human rights, freedoms and safety are in jeopardy. I wanted to address the question, “Why am I doing this?” Because I care deeply. Because I want people to understand what’s going on at the most fundamental levels. Confronted by an informed and aware public, any president/administration that would try to take away our basic rights and freedoms will have an extremely tough time doing it. While I may feel angry, I do not advocate violence in any form. The lessons Gandhi taught us about passive resistance may apply at some point. Forewarned is forearmed, rather than to be caught in shock when the notice comes in the mail that it’s time to go receive your sub-dermal microchip, or be arrested and imprisoned because you participated in a peace rally and have been identified as aiding and abetting terrorists by doing so, or because you question the official government version of 9/11.

Years ago, during my enlisted air force time, I suffered extremely harsh and inhumane treatment at the hands of people who exposed me to extraterrestrial technology, physically challenging injections of unknown substances and were determined to keep it secret by means of inducing intense trauma to make me compartmentalize and bury the memory. But those memories of those experiences and trauma have emerged through the discovery of 3 months of missing time in my life and subsequent hypnosis to find out what happened in those 3 months. They have not been at all easy to deal with or live with. But they did open my eyes to the kind of secret shadow government running the show behind the scenes. I’ve done years of reading, research and talked to many people to try and understand these experiences and put them into context. No one wants to believe that human beings are capable of such atrocity to other human beings. But they have created in me a person who wants to see all harm done to the Earth’s ecosystem, living things, humans or other sentient beings, whether individuals or the populations of nations or the Earth, stopped—and the secrecy that allows it to continue—end.

This is not the end of what I have to say. There is a spiritual component to all of this as well that also bears being addressed, but that's for next time, next post. The above is not easy stuff to look at or digest... so remember to balance it with walks in the sunshine, doing what you love and being with those you love and enjoying every good thing in your lives.

Many Blessings,

Other March 27, 2008 News:

Secret UN Meeting saga continues…

Dr. Michael Salla continues to follow up on the secret U.N. Meeting on UFOs, covering the important topic of credibility of witness sources who are leaking the information about this meeting, or meetings as the case may be. See his latest post on this here:

Other places around the web are buzzing with this news, discussing it in all of its implications. These websites include and the Open Minds web board forum: . Much of this info there are volumes of, so plan to spend some time at the computer should you decide to sift through it.

Niara’s Podcast Interview up at the Purple Phoenix website…

I have my own story, at least in part, out there on the web now, courtesy of a wonderful interview and podcast with Dana Cribari of the Purple Phoenix. Her website is at:

and our interview (approximately 52 minutes) is at:

Other links of interest from one of our group on this list:

Milabs is the term referring to military abductions that occur in conjunction to extraterrestrial contacts/abductions.

The following link needs a highspeed internet connection and is a great UFO documentary called Fastwalkers.

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More on the U.N. Meeting regarding Extraterrestrials & Disclosure

This story continues to unfold. The extraterrestrials themselves may be stepping up first open contact as the exponential increase in sightings around the world continues. I feel, as James Gilliland states below in my previous blog, that first open contact may happen quite some time before 2013 or 2017.

To summarize, we have the secret U.N. Meeting that took place on 2/12/08 regarding the extraterrestrial presence and disclosure. Independent sources came forward to confirm this meeting took place. Gilles Lorant made this meeting public, and people moved forward to support his credibility as a trusted source of information. He was able to identify other attendees at the meeting, including Vatican's Apostolic Nuncio and Permanent Observer to the UN, Archbishop Celestino Migliore; and Sir John Sawyers, Britain's Permanent Representative to the United Nations. For those of you who want more indepth information, please review the articles and list of internet references below.

Below are 1) A new article by Dr. Salla of and 2) A post by a new friend of mine, Ed Komarek who has a blog at . Ed is a prolific writer on this topic with articles addressing many aspects surrounding this subject. His writings helped to encourage me to come forward and actively join in this exopolitics discussion and effort to educate the public about what has been going on.

One of the entries from Ed Komarek below bears mention here:

“14/02/2008 GILLES LORANT attends a subsequent day at the follow-on meeting. The meeting concludes that nations should disclose the existence of “our neighbours” in 2009, provided that there is continue democratic stability in the G8 nations, and that “our neighbours” continue to make appearances around the world. [Source:].”

As we face global warming and the environmental crises brewing on our world, the importance of bringing all this information about extraterrestrials and their technology becomes clear. I believe they may be a key to helping us to avert catastrophe, but it will take a great deal of awareness on our, humanity’s, part, accepting the seriousness of the problems humanity has wreaked on our planet and willingness on our part to accept responsibility for them. These are not mistakes we can ever afford to repeat on our world, among many others of a socio-economic-political nature.

Enough from me. Please take a look at the continuing news posted below.

Many Blessings,



From Dr. Michael Salla of

Secret UN meetings discussing UFOs Chaired by President of the General Assembly

The names of some senior officials who attended a series of secret United Nations meetings discussing recent UFO sightings have just been announced. Gilles Lorant. a French Aviation expert disclosed these names in a pre-interview discussion with a French radio journalist, Didier De Plaige (translation below) . Lorant revealed that the meetings he attended on February 13 and 14, were chaired by Srgjan Kerim, the President of the UN General Assembly.

From photos shown to him, Lorant also identified the Vatican's Apostolic Nuncio and Permanent Observer to the UN, Archbishop Celestino Migliore; and Sir John Sawyers, Britain's Permanent Representative to the United Nations....

Continued at:


Time-line and Chart On Secret UN UFO Meeting
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

An Individual using the screen name Suspicioso on the Open Minds Forum has been working hard to accurately pull together all the verifiable information on this secret UN UFO meeting case. This person has given permission to release this information to the UFO/ET community and the press. Along with the time-line is a map of the individuals and their interconnections that can be found at the bottom of the thread sited below.

I am not responsible for this very fine piece of journalism but I have been attempting to help out along with many others on the Open Minds Forum board. Suspicioso would like this material to be spread about as widely as possible and to the press in particular. Ed Komarek

The Chart mentioned is at:

Re: Source Reveals Secret UFO Meeting at U.N.
« Reply #246 on Yesterday at 10:18pm »

Updated Timeline of Events With Links to Sources

11/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING meet with SOURCE A. SOURCE A discloses the forthcoming meeting of 12/02/2008 at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK. The meeting will concern the public disclosure by governments of UFO phenomena and be held in private. [Source:]

12/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING send an email to MICHAEL SALLA concerning the meeting with SOURCE A. [Source:]

12/02/2008 At the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, a document is alleged to be presented to delegates, produced by the US National Guard, concerning the effects of UFO appearances on communities. [Sources:,].

12/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is present at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, on other business observing UN operations, unaware of the secret UFO meeting. [Source:]

13/02/2008 MICHAEL SALLA publishes an account of the meeting on 12/02/2008 based on the message received 12/02/2008 at ; another version is published at . In both published stories the originating email from SHAWN PICKERING and CLAY PICKERING is included.

13/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is invited to attend as a listener to a follow-on meeting at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK. 40 delegates from 28 nations are present. [Source:]

14/02/2008 GILLES LORANT attends a subsequent day at the follow-on meeting. The meeting concludes that nations should disclose the existence of “our neighbours” in 2009, provided that there is continue democratic stability in the G8 nations, and that “our neighbours” continue to make appearances around the world. [Source:].

14/02/2008 DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KHAN is photographed in Beijing China, by China Daily, on an IMF visit. [Source:]

18/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING, and ROBERT MORNINGSTAR meet with SOURCE A. SOURCE A discloses the outcomes of the meeting of 12/02/2008. [Source:]

20/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING send a message to MICHAEL SALLA concerning the results of the 18/02/2008 meeting with SOURCE A. [Source:]

20/02/2008 MICHAEL SALLA publishes an account of the meeting on 12/02/2008 based on the message received 20/02/2008 and of an unknown contact with SOURCE B at . The originating email from SHAWN PICKERING and CLAY PICKERING is included in the story.

25/02/2008 ROBERT MORNINGSTAR and VINCE WHITE publish a response to criticisms of the case and other details concerning the 18/02/2008 meeting with SOURCE A. In it he states that SOURCE A chaired the meeting. The response is published at

25/02/2008 JEAN-JACQUES YVARS publishes an account of the meeting from GILLES LORANT at

02/03/2008 MICHEL RIBARDIERE replies to an email from GIULIANO MARINKOVIC in which he states that GILLES LORANT informed him that DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KHAN was represented at the meeting, and that the follow-on meetings were prompted by the request of THREE UNKNOWN US SENATORS. [Source:]

04/03/2008 DIDIER de PLAIGE conducts an interview with GILLES LORANT, where he identifies JOHN SAWERS, CELESTINO MIGLIORE, SRGJAM KERIM as being present at the meeting. LORANT identifies KERIM as the meeting chair. [Source:]

05/03/2008 ROBERT MORNINGSTAR replies to an email from ED KOMAREK, and asserts that the meeting 12/02/2008 was chaired by the UNITED STATES. [Source:]

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Breaking News about Future Extraterrestrial Full Open Contact

Durango Exopolitics 3/1/08

Exciting Times as We Prepare for Open Global Contact

(Be sure to read/scan the news briefs below… click on any links provided for more in-depth coverage of the stories)

I just finished reading “Preparing for Contact” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest. It is an excellent book that explores in depth the inter-dimensionality of the contact experience. In the Epilogue, Sasha, a being channeled by Lyssa Royal, urges us to take action to bring about full open contact by referring to UFOs as what they really are, extraterrestrial spacecraft with extraterrestrial occupants. We do not need to wait for governments to validate their existence for us—we need to do this based on our own experiences, reading and what we feel in our hearts. Once we validate ourselves and our own feelings and experiences, we create the paradigm shift that will bring everything else on line for full open contact that will be validated publicly. “Preparing for Contact” was written in 1994 (the same year my experiences came to light, incidentally). It has been widely read. I can only believe that what we are seeing now, in the following information and other information published by Dr. Salla and others, is that the growing awareness and certainty around this contact has brought us to the point where the following news items are now occurring.

The spiritual-consciousness-evolutionary implications of extraterrestrial contact cannot be ignored. For us to be in full contact with inter-dimensional ETs, we must reach them on a common energetic ground, which we’ve been being prepared for as science has reached out into the areas of holographic theory, quantum mechanics and string theory, introducing human consciousness to the very principles that can help our minds make the leap into the inter-dimensional realm where this full open contact can occur. One aspect of this would be traversing the vast distances of space in the wink of an eye, by folding space, traveling at warp or in hyper-space as in science fiction shows—for all practical intents and purposes traveling inter-dimensionally to accomplish covering the distances involved. I’ll be writing more on the subject of this common ground and inter-dimensionality in the future. Thanks for visiting…

Many Blessings,



Breaking News Today: From Dr. Michael Salla of

French Expert Publicly Emerges to Confirm Secret United Nations Meeting on UFO's

A French aviation expert has come forward to reveal his participation in a secret meeting held at the United Nations New York headquarters that discussed the UFO phenomenon from February 12-14. Gilles Lorant is an attaché to the Centre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueCNRS- National Center for Scientific Research) which is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of Research. He is also a member Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense (IHEDN - the French Organization that produced the 1999 COMETA Report). Both CNRS and IHEDN are prestigious scientific organizations in France, and Lorant was invited to attend the UN meetings in a professional capacity. A report released by a French UFO organization (Federation of European Airplane ), of which Lorant is an executive member, contained a summary of the UN meeting where he describes what happened at the meeting. (

Continued at:


Dr. Salla’s Previous Posts on this secret UN meeting on UFOs:

Source at U.N. tells of secret UFO meeting February 12, 2008

I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening. Their source, who currently works in the diplomatic corps, had to travel for an early morning off the record meeting at the UN. Their source revealed that a secret UFO working group exists that is authorizing the release of such information to the public, in an effort to acclimate others to what is about to unfold. A date of 2013 was given as the time for official disclosure and/or when extraterrestrials show up in an unambiguous way. In the interim there will be acclimation related releases of information. Importantly, the source revealed that the events leading up to official disclosure will involve more ethically oriented extraterrestrials, and they will not pose a military threat to the world.

More on this at:


Confirmation & Update on Secret United Nations Meeting Discussing UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life

I recently circulated an article describing a secret meeting that allegedly occurred at the New York office of the United Nations discussing UFOs/extraterrestrial life. The confidential source (A) for the meeting is presently working as a member of the diplomatic community who relayed this information to two New York based researchers, Shawn and Clay Pickering. I am pleased to announce that I have received independent confirmation that the alleged meeting did occur on the morning of February 12, 2008 as Clay's and Shawn's source claimed. I was also given information by an independent source (B), who I believe is very reliable, on what transpired at the meeting. It was claimed that a document had been circulated at the meeting, and was now being relayed to key ministries of many nations for further study and comments.

More on this at:


Other related material of interest:

An interesting comment on all of this from James Gilliland of ECETI:

“The benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced ETs are not waiting until 2013 or 2017 to make official contact. Most governments and military have a mindset that is not conducive to their mission. They are appearing to people around the world with an open mind, loving heart and pure intent criteria most in government have not met.”

Visit ECETI on the web at:


From UFO Researcher Bill Hamilton of:

The Greatest UFO Wave Ever

Building steadily since last summer, the past few months rank high among the most intense periods of UFO activity ever witnessed. From the mysterious--and never debunked--drones to the incredible Stephenville, Texas sightings, UFOs are being seen more and more all the time.

Given the drones and what has been videotaped in
Central Texas, they have never been stranger.

But most of the thousands of sightings are more conventional and often--as in the case of the object you see here (link just below) -- they were only noticed after the picture was taken.

This particular sighting took place in
Portsmouth, England on February 10. The photographer did not see it when he was taking a photograph of the lights glowing in a foggy car park. But when he got the picture home, he noticed a slight glint in the sky. Link Here:

A blowup revealed the image you see here, a classic UFO hanging in the fog.

Along with
California, Central Texas, Turkey and parts of Canada and Central Europe, England is experiencing an extraordinary UFO wave.

Dr. Michael Salla’s comment:

Below are some comments regarding the current wave of UFO sightings sweeping the planet by veteran researcher, Bill Hamilton. As Bill notes, these are some of the most mysterious sightings ever and their frequency is unprecedented. They must be getting the attention of political leaders and national security officials. Recently I was informed about a secret UN Briefing conducted on UFOs/extraterrestrial life due to the concern of member states over what is happening.

It has often been commented that a prelude to official disclosure will be an increase in sightings. Official disclosure will not happen in one grand announcement but in a series of strategically timed announcements concerning extraterrestrial life on other planets/moons, the development of classified anti-gravity vehicles that replicate UFO behaviors, etc. So now more than ever is time to share information on UFOs/extraterrestrial life and prepare as many as possible for the amazing disclosures that are to be shortly unveiled.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.