Friday, October 17, 2008

We Are None of Us Alone, Forgotten or Abandoned... but We May be Being Asked to Grow Up

Well, no lightships... yet.

As so many of us around the globe and connected through the internet now know, no undeniable huge lightship sighting was reported in such a way as to make a special breaking news broadcast over the airwaves. There were reported sightings, some hoaxes undoubtedly, but not the earth-shaking event we may have been expecting. I hope those of you who read this will join me in sending Blossom Goodchild much loving support as she goes through her own disappointment, disillusionment and grief about her channelled messages not turning out as she had hoped.

As I wrote in my previous blog, “October 14th & Contact: For Me It's Personal” the idea of living in a world transformed by extraterrestrial contact and interaction, with the knowledge humanity would gain about our true origins and connections to galactic humanity… well, I still believe fully in the eventuality of that contact, I feel it is destined for the not too distant future, perhaps even within months. One thing I feel certain of, Star Nations of the Light, also known as the Galactic Federation of Light, will do it in such a way as to make sure the timing is optimal for those of us here on the ground. They want no one harmed in anyway, not even those who might wish them harm.

What we have learned from this experience, and what those star beings monitoring this wave of expectation may also have learned, is that:

There are tremendous numbers of us here who want them to arrive.
There are others who consider their arrival to be a design of Satan.
There are still some who are afraid of contact.
There are some who haven't even given contact real consideration until now.
There are some still wholly unaware of ETs existence on any conscious level.

One thing is certain, this event and those it reached in whatever way, is something we must all carefully consider in the weeks and months ahead. For those of you really interested, keep checking in with as Brad Johnson is keeping that going and continuing to report on new developments with this.

We live on a planet enslaved to oil corporations, who really determine how much it will cost us to move goods and provide services. Their pricing determines whether we will travel or not, and how much things at the grocery store and other places will cost us and how we will have to respond to that in our budgets. Many people would have liked a rescue from that enslavement. Many of us would like to see our environment cleaned up and stabilized.

The thing we have to realize is that we are responsible for what we've created here. We are responsible for our complacency and not paying attention while special interests took over our governments, a chunk at a time. And we do have the ability to solve our own environmental problems and a great deal of available clean energy that can be harnessed to do this. (See Zeitgeist Addendum. )

My request remains, to the extraterrestrials, could you at least show up and give us some guidance? Could you at least show up and tell us the truth and expose fully, once and for all, the power elite and their agenda of domination and control? Could you at the very least help us to get a level playing field down here? With that level playing field, we have enough wonderful compassionate and caring visionaries right here on Earth who can take it from there.

We are so trapped thinking inside the boxes that the powerful and rich of this planet have built for us that we can hardly envision a world of free energy, or a moneyless society where all have their needs met and can pursue an enlightened life. We are born indoctrinated into a world where we accept unquestioningly: “This is just the way it is.”

James Gilliland of Eceti (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) - a contactee who regularly sees ships on his ranch in Washington State tells us that the extraterrestrials will not come as our saviors, pulling a codependent rescue of humanity. This would be like sitting a group of unruly children aside on a bench while the over-responsible adults clean up the impossible mess they made, thinking the children not smart enough or capable enough to be trusted to do it. Coming as I do from a family with an alcoholic father and codependent mother, watching that drama unfold year after year, I saw how my mother protected my father in many ways from the natural consequences of his behavior. At last, when she could take no more, they divorced, and shortly after that my father's behavior got so out of hand, he was asked to resign from the company he had worked for over 20 years. A few years later, he died of his alcoholism from a heart that simply gave out.

So the question to us, to humanity, is: Are we smart enough and capable enough to clean up our own social, environmental, political and economic messes? We must be, for our own sakes. If we were seeded here on this planet by extraterrestrial humans, perhaps we were placed here to evolve to full consciousness and sentience on our own. Perhaps full contact with extraterrestrials will happen only when we have achieved that or at least begin to achieve it. Perhaps any intervention will only be enough to prevent us from destroying ourselves and allow us to continue growing, learning and evolving on our own, as the shutting down of nuclear weapons would indicate.

A good argument could be made that humanity is not even sentient, or is barely beginning to be sentient just now, showing just the barest hints of embracing a level of enlightened consciousness that could do away with violence and war and embrace peace and cooperation with each other, all other life and our planet. Is it demonstrating sentience to be so opportunistic, manipulative and self-serving that you threaten your own survival and that of all life around you? I think not.

Life on this planet right now is a crucible, creating a collective crisis in consciousness that just might give birth to true sentience in humanity. I'm encouraged as I see the signs of this all around us, in organizations like the Bioneers, Institute of Noetic Sciences, in the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard and many, many more. There are heroisms all around us waiting to be performed, waiting for each of us, in accord with our own passions and compassion, to take up and contribute our special gifts to our world.

Do I still want extraterrestrials to show up? You bet! Absolutely. But not to bail us kids out of our mess. I want them to show up as equals - more evolved on a variety of levels certainly - in ways that empower humanity rather than disempowering us by saving us from the consequences of our own lack of vision. We must not make them gods - there is evidence that that happened in our distant, ancient past and they have been wondering how to create empowering intervention and contact again ever since. Evolved though they may be, and wise, they may not be infallible.

Lastly I close with some transmissions I received tel-empathically, once on Tuesday the 14th conversing with a friend and once today, the 17th, driving my car. In each case I was talking about my own strong-felt connection with the star beings and my own imploring them to please come to Earth, please show up and put a stop to this runaway government heading for a cliff, and appearing to try and drag as many of the rest of us off it with them as they can. At least come and let people know the truth so that truth can set us free to do what we need to do for each other and our Earth, so we can take co-creative responsibility to create a new world of love and cooperation. In each instance, I was touched by an incredible loving energy in the entire upper chest/heart area that in an instant brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. This is how telepathy or tel-empathy works for me, a wave of incoming vibration usually in the heart area that translates to words as it touches my body. Tuesday and today the words were:

“We hear you. We do not ignore you all down on Earth, with all the challenges you face and all the suffering you experience. We love you deeply. You are part of us. We have not abandoned you… and, we must choose precisely the right time to show ourselves. Trust us to do so.”

Today when this loving vibration and message touched me, I had a flash of recognition from an experience years ago, I think in 1988. I was attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas and was sitting in a college Spanish class when I was suddenly struck by a powerful, powerful experience of cosmic or divine Love, pouring through me like high voltage creating more bliss than it seemed my human body could hold. Tears of joy poured down my face and I looked around surreptitiously marveling that people needed language to communicate at all from the state I was experiencing. I kept my head bent down over my desk, not wanting anyone to speak to me or ask me about the tears - that might shatter and disperse the incredible love voltage pouring through me. I didn't want it to stop. When class ended I walked to the desert garden, sat on a bench and tried to capture the experience in writing before it ebbed completely away. Not easy at all, the experience was beyond words.

Today, and Tuesday, I felt that same energy of Love that I felt back then, only just a gentle touch of It, rather than a great surging river of It. I felt so excited to have had the recognition and made the connection of this recent energy experience to that profound one so many years ago.

We are none of us alone, forgotten or abandoned… but we may be being asked to grow up.

Thank you for reading…


Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 14th & Contact: For Me, It's Personal

Dear Friends who read this blog, like so many around this globe, I am waiting to see what October 14th brings. I have been waiting for this for so many years. I have become so awakened, and more and more all the time to my small but important role in preparing for full - undeniable - open public sightings and contact.

There was a time years before, when, after my initial hypnosis session turned my world completely upside down, I lived managing a certain level of terror just to work and live and move through my life in some kind of 'normal' manner. As I investigated the material around my newly emerged memories, I found more and more corroborating stories, testimony, evidence that they were real. Indeed, I could not complete my healing process until I accepted that they were real and dealt with all the emotional fallout from them. I finally, years later, did some subsequent hypnosis sessions to uncover more that I had questions about, needing more answers. I remember sitting on my sofa for hours at a time after, in shock, pushing down rising panic at the calculated cruelty and incredible abuse I remembered.

Difficult as this process was, it was also a time of great awakening of my consciousness and that continues on to the days through which we are now passing.

I remember the times years ago I sat watching UFO documentaries on TV, knowing extraterrestrials are real, watching evidence being presented, and watching debunkers allowed to comment on it all and ridicule it back into the realm of the unreal and the ridiculous, preserving the fragile reality of those who can't or won't face the facts of what is going on all around them.

I remember not being able to even begin to deal with my own memories and my feelings about them because of this ridicule, and healing that could have happened sooner with the right support, happened much, much later. I hope I am putting an end to that by coming forward, so that those who have had experiences like mine can find the support they need to heal. But back then, in the years past, I got to the point of refusing to watch UFO programs any more, angry that a reality that I knew was real was being so denied. I said I would only watch coverage of this phenomenon once first contact was accurately announced by Dan Rather on the evening news. Till then, just leave me out of it all.

I was experiencing not only fear of emerging memories and speaking about my experiences, but deep anger and rage, and deep grief around them as well. Especially grief. I wondered how I could live with memories of such cold, calculated cruel abuse. Just to know that some human beings were capable of treating other human beings in such a way felt like a loss of innocence so profound as to be almost too much to live with… and I wondered if my earlier near-brush with suicide had sprung from the pressure of these phantom memories which my body knew, but my mind had not yet reclaimed at that time. I wondered, 'how do people survive carrying around memories like this?' The weight of the grief was overwhelming. I'm currently working with a friend to create a DVD to tell my story in full, so others who want to know it can, and so I can be complete and never have to repeat my experiences again. I have moved beyond the need to tell this over and over again.

The shift that has happened to me in the last few years has been because I did find two gifted healers to work with and they will always have my deep love and gratitude. With the pressure of the emotional turmoil lifted, I reclaimed a sense of joy in living and enjoying a wonderful community to live in, here in southwest Colorado. I turned my attention to art and other interests, like sustainability. I did my best to put my experiences behind me, keep quiet about them (except to a few friends) so as not to upset others who didn't know about such things or expose myself to disbelief and ridicule, which in a minor way, is almost re-traumatizing. But in the last two years I have found that speaking out about my experiences is a necessary - and vital - part of my final stages of healing.

So I created Durango Exopolitics, as a blog here online and as a local discussion group, in which, from my own well of experiences, spirituality and insights, I do my best to educate people about the reality of extraterrestrials, the shadow government and what they are capable of and, in spite of what has happened to me and the memories I carry, take a joyful, peaceful and hopeful view of humanity's future. Part of this future that I consider to be inevitable, is full, open public contact with spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials.

An Awakening Wanderer

Speaking now as an awakening Wanderer - an extraterrestrial soul who chose to incarnate as human - I feel strongly that I chose this life for multiple purposes for my soul's growth. I've been associated with this planet for eons as time passes here, memories of coming here from Lyra and settling on Lemuria to seed and colonize this planet strong within me. During my earthwalk here, first as a Lyran, then incarnating as human to experience more fully this world and its peoples' evolution, I picked up karma, which choosing this particular present life, with all its challenges, has helped to clear for the coming ascension, or humanity's first-stage enlightenment that will help as many as possible move into another energetic octave of spiritual evolution and experience.

The difficulties of this life have spurred an equally wondrous awakening to consciousness, to who I truly am. My mission here is two-fold: to educate to the best of my ability about extraterrestrials and the shadow government from my unique experience and spiritual perspectives, and as a field-worker liaison with the Star Nations of the Light to share my human experiences and insights with my Star community so they can understand what it's like for us who live on Earth and factor in these experiences as they determine how best to intervene in and set humanity back on course for the coming Shift or portal of 2012, that we are even now in the great wave of. I am as human as any of you, and yet also (and I'm one of millions) a soul who came here long ago as we measure time here, to learn/teach and assist.

There were many lifetimes when I forgot my purpose here in the Great Forgetting that happens to souls who incarnate here. Remembering our purpose and why we came is extremely challenging, and yet, as with other emerging feelings/memories that surface, I smile to myself when I think I must have most enthusiastically volunteered to come, excited at such opportunities for my soul's growth that I'd encounter here. When I go back among my Star community for good, the passage of time there will seem like I was on an extended pilgrimage of several months to a couple of years, though here on Earth I'll soon celebrate my 54th birthday. Don't ask me how I know this. It just seems to emerge as truth from within.

So, as I contemplate October 14th, first undeniable sightings/contact with the kind of extraterrestrial beings we need so very much to come to know and have contact with, for me it's personal. It's the complete joy of two realities I belong to coming together at last. It's weeping tears of joy and relief to know that the kinds of cruelties and abuses I experienced will never have to happen to anyone here again. It's having the insight that, if NESARA is truly real and is implemented, it will be a bridge to a true moneyless society where people create abundance for all and work to their individual and common good and the good of all life here and Gaia herself. It's knowing that all people will know all the truth of what has transpired here at last - no more denial - and that truth will set them free, and that freedom will then become responsible co-creativity of our collective, conscious world from our hearts in loving cooperation with each other and the living conscious Universe. It's knowing that it is a beginning rich with promise, truly a New Dawn for humanity and this world.

Thanks for reading...