Friday, May 9, 2008

On the Upward Spiral of Increasing Light and the Energy of Entropy

I’ve done some deep and disturbing research into ‘the dark side’ on this planet… and I can tell you from my own explorations that this dark cannot exist in our duality without an equally brilliant Light and positive energy flow balancing it. There is one important difference, and I first began to experience that difference for myself as a drumming and dance facilitator back in the late 1990s.

When I would have people drum or dance their sadness, fear, anger and depression, expressing those energies through rhythm or movement, these energies always would run down quickly and then the energy of the movement or rhythm would shift into joy. Joy can continue on and on (until the human body physically needs to stop and rest). It is self-creating and self-sustaining—it does not suffer the running down, the entropy that the so-called negative emotions do.

As I researched into the darker areas of the things going on in this world, particularly within the military-industrial complex of the U.S., the inner workings of the power elite and the Illuminati, even to their supposed practices of intensely negative satanic rituals, frightening as it was to contemplate—I found an insight into the reason for the rituals themselves. The energies they are trying to keep going and perpetuate are negative energies and subject to entropy, to running down, to running out of steam. So they use their ritual knowledge of cyclic energies of Earth and the solar system and perhaps out further to do their rituals to give these entropic energies boosts to keep chugging on.

And they are running out of time—entropy is overtaking them. We see on this planet a clash of the paradigms. On the positive, the growing love, light and compassion expanding almost effortlessly, as each human who embraces love, light and compassion in their own being becomes an example for the next person, and the next and the next, and on and on. Energy creating and sustaining in an ever-upward spiral of expansion.

On the negative, we see an old, worn out fear-hatred-anger-based system pulling out every stop, throwing out every threat and fear-laden scenario they can to struggle to keep control of the world. By doing this they are contributing to their own demise. Fear, hatred and anger are energies of entropy. The more they work to instill such emotions in people the more they contribute to their own end, and this is why.

People continually zapped with fear-images and fear-words over and over again, like electric shocks to the body, eventually, sooner or later, become exhausted. They begin to search for another way, often to recover their health from an adrenaline-drenched and exhausted body. They may reach a point where they are so exhausted they ‘surrender’… “Whatever ‘it’ is to be so afraid of, just let ‘it’ happen and take me. I’m so tired I don’t care any more.”

In that moment of falling into surrender, we are caught by the arms of the Divine, Loving, Light-filled Source Creator. Source Creator can appear synchronistically as a friend with just the right thing to say or just a loving hug at the right moment. Source Creator can appear as a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, or rainbow shining through rain-soaked clouds appearing as a renewal of beauty, hope and strength. Source Creator can appear as a flash of spectacular intuitive insight that leads us to a new way of looking at things, a new path through life. It can be a kindness, a smile, a laugh, a touch. It can be a bird landing on a slender branch in the just the right way at just the right moment to remind us we are always supported. It can be our animal companions laying themselves or their heads in our laps in silent compassion and empathy, their eyes meeting ours. It can be glimpsing for an instant the great adventure that lies beyond the death of the physical body, waiting for us. It can be a thousand things that appear to us at just the right time to perceive the metaphor for hope and continuity of all that is good and loving and light-filled… lighting our way to reaching out to others in the myriad of ways we diverse humans can have creatively and transformatively to touch others in the love, light and compassion, and pass it on.

The more fear that the ‘dark side’ works to throw out, the more they pull out all the stops, get more and more extreme in their plans to control and dominate through fear, the more and more exhausted people find new life, new energy, new strength in embracing love, light and compassion. The dark side’s own fear of losing control causes more and more extremes of horrific behavior, hastening their own entropy by awakening more and more of humanity to the Light. They are actually helping the Great Transformation of human evolution and shift to higher consciousness to occur, whether they planned on that or not. Maybe it is part of the greater cosmic plan of Source Creator.

To each of you who read this I ask… how tired are you of the world of the dark? Tired enough to surrender, to trust in the Source Creator of which we are all a part to catch you and light your way to a new path and a new world? What energies are you serving by your emotional states…The entropic energies of fear, hate and anger? Or the upward, creative, sustaining, expanding spiral of Light, Love and Compassion?

You choose.

Many Blessings,


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