Sunday, August 2, 2009

Divide & Conquer: UFOlogy & Its Coming of Age Child, Exopolitics

There have been many attacks of late on Exopolitics by those in the more established, traditional UFO research field and others that I can't think to include even in the regular UFOlogy group. I'm not going to give anyone the satisfaction of naming any of their names here, from either side of the fence.

Exopolitics could be described as a new-thinking-adolescent-coming-of-age child of UFOlogy, with the parental traditional UFO researchers lecturing and criticizing new methods and ways of thinking about UFOs, extraterrestrials, disclosure and contact, saying this just isn't the way it's done, as Exopolitics continues on its path under its under its own inspirations and ideas of how to proceed.

You may notice that my blog is called Durango Exopolitics. The reason I chose to ally myself with Exopolitics is due to their openness to considering all forms of testimony and evidence, including those with personal experiences, of which I am one of thousands, perhaps more. Exopolitics, as far as I can discern, sets aside the questions (due to reams and volumes of evidence and testimony of every kind) of "Are we alone in the universe?" or "Are we being visited by intelligences not from our own world?" as satisfactorily answered as no, we are not alone, and yes, we are being visited. So now, what are the implications of all this, socially, culturally and last but not least, politically. Why is there a cover-up and what purpose might it serve, and has it outlived is usefulness in an age when humanity is facing extinction at its own hands?

This environmental and societal exploitation and destruction has come about through an extreme lack of vision and the extreme selfish pursuit of wealth and power of a few elite groups who subscribe to the idea "he who dies with the most toys, wins." Keyword there is "dies". And it's not necessary, as the technology to turn things around at this late hour exists, if it can only be brought out in the open and implemented. Then no one has to die and humanity can have the opportunity to outlive its dangerous adolescence and realize its full potential on every level.

I'm a deeply spiritual (NOT religious) person, but that spirituality is also informed by scientific discoveries in the quantum sciences. I have equally respected and revered science my whole life but have run up against its limitations more than once. I'm not naming names here, but I know of at least one quantum physics scientist who also ran up against those limitations and took the risk to jump deeply into his own subjective experience and explore his own consciousness in unorthodox ways - because everything he was learning as a quantum scientist was throwing empirical "objective" research into question... and revealing a true underlying reality very different than the one we have supposed that we live in for the past several thousand years. A multi-dimensional reality. Where we bump up against the multi-dimensional realms in our lives and experiences, traditional science breaks down and is left scratching its head in confusion. If you know a way, please tell me, how science anchored in our third dimension working with things it considers "solid" and "real" can begin to explain phenomenon that are beyond the third dimension? Researchers and observers of UFOs/extraterrestrial craft and the maneuvers they perform I think would all agree that we are seeing something that breaks our known Newtonian laws of physics and are therefore multi or extra dimensional in nature. There really is no "supernatural". There is only the natural... that which lies within our realm of understanding, and that which is still outside the realm of our understanding.

The places where spirituality and science meet, clash and one supplants the other in one arena or another has been explored wonderfully in film over and over through the years. I'm sure we all have our favorites in this regard, informed by our own preferences. "Contact" with Jodie Foster is my top favorite.

To traditional UFO researchers who look askance at experiencers as not being stable or reliable in one fashion or another I say this: Without experiencers calling your attention to UFOs, abductions or other unexplained phenomenon, just what would you have to research and study? How is it that you got into your field of study in the first place? Many, if not most, experiencers won't be held on leashes to serve your personal agendas, shaped by your own upbringing and how it may have informed your individual beliefs, attitudes, preferences or prejudices.

One thing that's consistent about movies and television, it hands us the same good versus evil paradigm over and over and over. And it's a paradigm that has outlived its usefulness on a planet rapidly shrinking in size due to a requirement from our environment that we think together and that we think globally. In going through my own healing journey, I have learned that conflict and continual drama is an adrenalin addiction that we are loathe to let go of. Peace, inner or outer, feels like boredom, to be avoided at all costs.

However, the costs are often our health or our very lives if we drop over dead of heart attack or stroke, as stress and conflict take their toll in health issues arising that force us to look at our own attitudes and beliefs and just how they are truly serving us, or not. Does anyone see the parallel here... individually for our personal health, or collectively for our world's environmental, societal and political health, it's time to set the war paradigm, the conflict paradigm aside and learn to cooperate. Anything less and we can all bend over and kiss our collective asses goodbye.

And what can you take with you when you go? Not a single material item, and all the squabbling you did while in a body on Planet Earth will shrink to absolute insignificance. You can however take the integrity of how you lived your life with you, because in the end, the quality of honesty, integrity, how you learned to demonstrate the giving and receiving of love when you had a human life is the only coin that will count after you leave the human body behind. And before you call this "unscientific" you'd better read a few of the books out there on near-death experiences or out-of-body travel, done by researchers just like you, official or unofficial.

Consider this: When researchers argue and engage in conflict, how much good research is getting done? None. If you believe so fervently in your way being the right way, then continue your research, don't engage in the waste of energy that verbal attacks, conflict and squabbling drain from your valuable time. If you are right, then your dedication to your area of research will bear that fruit in time. If you're afraid that you aren't right, but still want to back your particular chosen horse even if it looks like it might lose, then engaging in that conflict and argument with differing areas of other study and research actually displays your own uncertainty about what you may have invested years of your life in. Sorry about that. And if you take what I'm writing here personally in spite of the fact that I'm not naming names, then I guess I'm speaking to you. I don't mean in any way to be unkind, just point out the obvious and get us all back to work on doing our best instead of fighting.

Divide and conquer is the oldest game in the book, ranking right alongside the world's oldest profession, which I might add is not restricted to women trading sex for money. If your honesty and integrity can be bought off by the highest bidder in any way, you deserve the same label. Time to ask ourselves, what are our goals? A complete and unconditional end to the cover-up? The release of technology to apply to our planet's human and environmental problems? True self-determining freedom where we also step completely up to the plate and accept the co-creative responsibility that goes with it? Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and possibly joining a galactic community? Our goals may be far more in alignment that we realize.

I'll close here by saying that truly, Exopolitics or UFOlogy, I want us all to succeed. I want the cover-up to end and technology that can turn the tide on our environmental and other human crises to be released and implemented. And as for the intelligent life engaging our planet in one way or another, that is best brought out in the open as well so we can meet them and begin to open the way to understanding, peace and cooperation on a galactic level as well as on our own planet.

Do the work you feel passionately about as well and as completely as you can. Don't waste time in conflict. Conflict is the main barrier to UFO/Extraterrestrial disclosure. It's counterproductive to what we really need on this planet at this time in human history. On many levels right now our collective clock is ticking.