Monday, September 22, 2008

Prepare for Contact! & Humans Carry Extraterrestrial DNA

Prepare for Contact!

Some of the most exciting news to those of us who follow extraterrestrial news online are multiple announcements of mass extraterrestrial ship sightings that are reported to take place just next month, on or around October 14th. These sightings will be of huge motherships that will stay in place for days, stationary or flying some amazing maneuvers that can be well-photographed by people on the ground. No explaining them away as weather balloons or swamp gas this time. These will be huge ships, perhaps a mile or more wide. Keep your cameras handy!

These sighting events have been reported by several channelers who are in regular contact with ET intelligences. Check the following video links for yourself.

From Mike Quinsey & Blossom Goodchild:">

From Adamu (this one in particular pulls a great deal together from my own knowledge and experience):

From Ashtar:

I have not always followed channeled messages until the last few years, judging them too woo-woo and “unscientific” but in the last few years I've paid much more attention. Many, many of these channeled messages, in books and videos, talk of the Galactic Federation of Light, and their messages resonate strongly for me spiritually. And the consistency of information from so many different sources is also something that has carried weight in my assessment of the information. My strengthening relationship with my own spirit guides has helped me to open to such messages. I urge you to check them out with an open mind, and an open heart.

Some of the things that have been my mission with Durango Exopolitics is connecting the dots between what has been going on in the government under the surface with regard to extraterrestrials and their technology, the power that has given rogue groups within the structure of government that have hijacked our political system and turned it over to special interest groups that have run amok with that power. They are waging wars and destroying our environment on this planet to line their own pockets with billions in profits to stay in power and withholding technology they have gleaned from crashed, captured extraterrestrial ships-technology that holds the keys to ending an addiction to oil, cleaning up our planet, and changing the lives of every person on Earth for the better. Allegedly this military-industrial complex has even traded with regressive and manipulative extraterrestrials (under the Eisenhower administration) to obtain more technology that they felt would give them world-wide military superiority. I have repeated over and over that no one can truly understand the U.S. political situation without adding to it the extraterrestrial factor. Only then can one understand the full scope of the political problems that confront us today- and envision solutions to those problems- and how a small group with huge secrets they've been keeping has been able to seize control of our government and begin dismantling our Constitution, taking away our rights and bringing our country to it's knees economically.

The reason for this is to establish a body of knowledge for people who have not had much exposure to this information or phenomenon to begin to see the evidence/testimony about this issue for themselves, and to begin to understand that this is truly a real phenomenon. (See the end of this message for links to more information about the government and extraterrestrials.)

Full, open, public contact with spiritually evolved, benevolent ETs would at the very least, level the playing field between the power-mongering elite and the rest of humanity.

Humans Carry Extraterrestrial DNA

The military-industrial complex and manipulative ETs are not the only game in town. Just as there are good and bad people in our world, there are groups of extraterrestrials who are controlling and manipulative and also those who live by higher ideals, by heart and conscience and have been standing by planning and working out for many, many years now, how to help our Earth in a way that will empower all of her inhabitants.

Why would such spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials care about Earthlings? Because we are part of them. While evolution is part of what has produced modern man, an element of intelligent design comes in as well. A good case can be made for the fact that we were seeded upon this world and that our evolutionary process has been helped along by extraterrestrials. According to more than one source, humanity carries DNA from 22 different extraterrestrial species and is considered a living library for that reason. For more information on the ET DNA that is part of humanity's make-up, check the following links.

By Dr. Michael Salla online:

This excellent and well-researched article gives much information and many links to other studies and researched articles that show that human beings most certainly carry extraterrestrial DNA. Two such articles are at:

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

A well delineated article on this subject here by scholar Zecharia Sitchin:

A book at also explores this:
“Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution“ by Arthur David Horn

It is my strong intuition that our extraterrestrial DNA carries now-latent abilities that will come online when first, full, open, undeniable contact begins with extraterrestrials. Their full mastery of those abilities may activate the same abilities in us when they begin to use those talents with us, such as telepathy and deeply empathic abilities. There have long been stories told and books written about extraordinary abilities of Eastern mystics and gurus. These abilities may belong to us all and are just waiting activation by those who know how they work and teach us the same.

We can only imagine some of the benefits that could come with such enlightened contact… one of the most important being free energy, ending the stranglehold that the oil cartels have held on our world. Possibly new technology introduced to help heal a stressed world eco-system. A new era can open for humanity, free of war, and where each of us can explore our own consciousness and our world's highest good in a variety of ways.

Extraterrestrials & the Government - links to video information:

If you have not taken a look at these videos online yet, take some time to check them out. They give excellent testimony, history and background about extraterrestrial issues related to the military-industrial complex.

Richard Dolan, historian on “How UFO Secrecy has Damaged American Society”
(you can move the video forward about 12 min. 15 sec. to skip the intro if you want to cut to the chase)

And, the Disclosure Project Witness Testimony video can be seen at:
Part One:

Part Two:

Thanks for reading… and keep your eyes on the skies!