Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dispelling Fear: How to Make Believers out of Non-Believers

As I wrote the title, above, I thought of the scene in "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" where the main character was having a dream about a shaman helping her to see the approaching sailing ships, as if she were a member of a tribe for whom large European sailing ships were so far outside the tribe's experience that they had to be helped to see the ships by the shaman, who was more esoterically trained to see things outside the realm of everyday experience.

For those of us who have been, and continue to follow the exopolitical news together with mainstream news' bits and clips and connect the dots, some kind of disclosure process about extraterrestrial contact looks to be occurring. In fact, I feel it definitely IS occurring and I'm glad about it, however also maintaining an air of caution about the kind of disclosure we can expect from a secret government within a public government who has seen fit to withhold the truth for over 60 years, if not much longer.

In an email to one of my relatives, I let slip that I am working on a book. (About my own experiences and insights around the ET phenomenon, that for me, spans the entire spectrum from government secrecy to the spiritual expansion of human consciousness.) Interested, she asked me what I was writing about. Here we go, I thought. My human relatives are very mainstream and many of them decidedly conservative in their viewpoints. But as I go more and more public with my educational endeavors on this subject, they are more and more likely to hear about it. So I took the plunge. I share what I wrote to her here to help those of you out there who do know this is real find perhaps some way to share with those people you know who are still mired down in government-sponsored ridicule and disbelief of many years now. Here are my responses to her, over 2 different emails.

"As far as UFOs go, watching the videos I suggested, particularly the Disclosure Project ones are a good place to start. These are very, very compelling witnesses, extremely credible professionals and hard to ignore. If you truly have an open mind and watch this video, I think you will come away from it thinking about this subject in at least slightly less skeptical ways. I can only tell you that my experiences and the study I've done for years since support what these people have to say. I'm not really that interested in converting people, or really even discussing it with some people UNTIL they've viewed some of the videos I recommend. I have talked to my mother about this somewhat and she is skeptical too. That's fine if my family is skeptical, and that is one of the reasons you've never heard me talk about it. My experiences were deeply traumatizing and were done to me by human beings in the military hierarchy peripheral to observing ET technology, and I wasn't able to really work on healing for years until I put aside the ridicule and denial of much of the public about these subjects. I didn't need to add my own family's skepticism and denial into the equation as well, so I just haven't "gone there" in my conversations with family. And if you so desire, we have no need to "go there" in our discussions either. But I have gone public to talk about my experiences (a necessary final stage of healing) and family may hear about some of my public life in this regard.

I've also always been a deeply spiritual person, in contrast to being a religious person. I've relied more on my personal experiences in nature and worked to develop my own "sensitive" personal relationship with the Creator, rather than go to church or follow any religion. I was quite disgusted with the church in Perrysburg that I considered completely hypocritical in their catering to the well-to-do and popular in the community and leaving my family out in the cold so to speak. I later found out my mother was excommunicated for divorcing my father-- like she was supposed to stay in a marriage where she was physically at risk to stay within church guidelines. That was the final straw for me with organized religion. I'm a good loving person and a moral person, but it is part of my own spiritual code and development, not because I'm following rules laid down by religion. I feel I have an even deeper understanding of the reasons for loving and moral actions and behavior as a result of my own inner explorations. My spiritual life is a rich one and reaches into realms of psychic phenomenon from time to time. More and more science is coming out to confirm that we are part of a living, interconnected universe and those of us who are sensitive in a psychic way have been picking this up for a long time. Nice to see science beginning to confirm what we have always known and sensed, and have been taught by spiritual masters of the far East for generations.

Most of my life I've felt like an outsider in the family because of my spirituality, and I can't really remember a time when it hasn't been a part of me, it seems to have been with me from the cradle onwards. I haven't spoken of it much or shared much of it with my family... why bother them with it when they seem to not share it and open myself up for criticism? I got more than enough criticism while growing up as it was, and that was more healing I have had to go through in my adult years. I understand that, while harmful, it was not maliciously intended, rather it was a function of how many parents thought they should raise children and get them to comply with what they thought was best for them.

This is quite a bit of opening up for me with someone from my family and I have rarely done it before, except with my mom... and my kids, who have at least some of the same leanings and sense of spirituality that I have. I do love my family, in spite of differences, but the differences do hold me apart a lot of the time because I don't know if there will be the same loving acceptance of me with them as I try to give others. I have a lot of wonderful friends who are kindred souls and I have many deep conversations with them about these types of things and we are close. Feeling like an outsider with my own blood relations has been a little hurt I've carried around for a long time. I know at this point I can't change who I am nor would I ever want to. More and more I know I live in a living, loving conscious Universe and I'm an integral part of it as everyone is, and I wouldn't turn my back on my path or where it's taken me for anything, even with all it's difficulties.

Much Love,

Having gotten no reply to the above message, I wrote again to her this morning:

"Dear __________,

I haven't heard back from you after what I consider to be taking a risk in letting you know where I stand on this topic. I hope I have not disturbed or distanced you in any way, but again, I need to be who I am and I need to stand up for the truth around this issue as so many others are now doing, in the U.S. and around the world.

I'm sorry if it flies in the face of any of the beliefs you hold dear about our world, our government or the world's organized religions. I know that can be disconcerting and scary. But there is no reason to be afraid, particularly if you believe in a loving God, who holds us all in his heart. I usually don't use the word "God" any more, it is a word that means so many different things to different people, I use the term loving conscious Universe, which for me means actually a multiverse, a universe comprised of a variety of dimensions which our own physicists (not UFO researchers) are now exploring the qualities of.

While I'm on the subject of God, please know also that last May this year, the Vatican made a public announcement: "Extraterrestrials most probably do exist and if so, they are our brothers." Taken as a statement by itself, it's easy to regard as an anomaly and dismiss. But knowing as I do that it comes as part of a flow of information, a stream of bits and pieces that have been steadily moving into the news media, surrounded by less and less denial and ridicule, I think we are moving closer and closer to a time when extraterrestrial contact will be an acknowledged reality.

Here are 3 clips online regarding this subject, and there are countless others:

John Podesta, who is now heading up President-elect Obama's transition team (26 sec):

A CNN newsclip covering a National Press Club conference last Nov. and interviewing Stephen Bassett, a lobbyist in Washington D.C. who works to get the truth around this subject to come out (8 min 32 sec):

Two ex-military witnesses who have come forward, Clifford Stone and Robert Dean (9 min 41 sec):

Larry King Live has run an entire series of shows covering this topic in the last year, with some of the best witnesses and experts.

And, Monday through Friday, November 24-28, CNN's American Morning with John Roberts and Kiran Chetry aired a five-part series on UFO/ET/Exopolitical issues:

- MONDAY: NOT JUST CRAZIES - What do Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell, Actor Dan Aykroyd, Former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta and CNN Correspondent Miles O'Brien have in common? They have all seen UFO's, believe in them or both.
- TUESDAY: ROSWELL REVISTED - 61 years since the famous UFO incident and the place is still peddling the alien trade. We'll take you to the site where the UFO landed and let you decide.
- WEDNESDAY: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Abductions: are they a reality or a product of vivid imaginations. We'll talk with someone who says they've been for a ride with ET. Could this really be true?
- THURSDAY: CALL 1-800-ALIEN... PLEASE! - Listening to the heavens for a radio signal to prove there is intelligent life beyond Earth. What can be heard and could we make contact?
- FRIDAY: THE MARS WORM - Did the NASA Opportunity Rover snap a picture of a fossilized worm? If so, what does life on Mars mean for the theory that we're not alone?

While I expect the journalists reporting on this to still make their little jokes and jibes while showing this material, the fact that someone thought this subject worthy of doing an entire week of stories about shows that something is happening to perhaps put the issue in the forefront of peoples' thoughts.

I know you think of me as a known member of your family, and have a collection of ideas and associations about who I am based on our family ties and relationship. You can't know the experiences which convinced me of the reality of this, the trauma I endured while in the military and the years it took to finally begin to heal (and the educational process to the public that I'm doing now that is part of that healing process). You don't know the years of research I did around this topic to try to understand my experiences and put them into some kind of meaningful context. As frightening as the things that happened to me in the military were, the implications of them were even more frightening - a shadow government within our public government who operates out of their own private agenda and not in any way for the best interests of We the People, a cadre of individuals who can do what they want to people like me without fear of any repercussions or criminal legal consequences. These are the ones that are scary, not the real extraterrestrials. They have used back-engineered ET technology to bad ends and not to benefit the public but to give themselves unprecedented power. Unfortunately for them, their self-serving attitudes and motivations are the flaw that will bring them down. There is a saying there is no honor among thieves... and eventually they will turn on each other and the whole mechanism will collapse. I believe we are seeing that now.

I find that if one pushes hard enough on people's denial and ridicule on this subject what is revealed is their own fear of the unknown. How many times do we find people joking and ridiculing something that deep down, they fear? What if something really is out there and powerful enough to travel at the speed of thought through time and space and even other dimensions? Shouldn't we fear it? We have a known history on our planet of the strong preying on the weak, and conquering or killing less advanced peoples, less technologically developed cultures. This is not so however with the inter-dimensional extraterrestrials. For a culture such as theirs to achieve what they have, they must recognize the oneness and sacredness of all life - and that statement contains another whole essay in itself to demonstrate that point.

So I work to educate and inform and thus try my best to offer people a different viewpoint rather than one of fear. I point out that those we might truly fear are succumbing to their own collapse created out of their own selfishness and lack of reverence for life, which ultimately comes home to roost at some point as a group with such an attitude gains a certain level of power and begins to run amok with it.

I won't bring up this subject with you again unless you ask more about it, and I hope that we are still friends.


So, there it is. I hope I hear back from her regardless of whether she accepts what I wrote to her or not. She need not accept what I say for me to still love her as a family member and respect her position and beliefs. I don't need to talk to my family or waste their time or mine trying to convince them. But perhaps I've planted a seed that as they run into other information independent of my words or presence, will bring a gradual opening to and acceptance of the fact - at the very least - that something is indeed afoot and might bear paying more attention to.

As more and more material moves into the mainstream news media about the extraterrestrial phenomenon - the testimony, the reality of it - more and more people are being prepared for the idea that we have had contact, and will have more open contact someday soon. None of us should be cheated in any way as to the wonder and marvel of that contact, and the beginning of fulfillment of humanity's spiritual potential that will bring. But it bears keeping in mind that as the authors of the secrecy - the shadow government, the military-industrial complex - allow this information to be increasingly put out on mainstream TV, they may have their own agenda as they always have in the past, and it may be one of using the information they have to serve up more fear. Please assess all information by breathing deeply, going very quiet within and separating as much as you can the emotional slant and import of what you see and hear through what your gut tells you.

There truly is nothing to fear, but fear itself - the things it makes people do or say, or how they behave. The more we can maintain our equanimity in the face of all things, the more we can respond to the moment for our own highest good and the good of all.

Thanks for reading...


P.S. I did hear back from my relative, and all is well. She may yet be skeptical, but we're still family!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never forget, We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For & Citizens' Disclosure Activism

I felt much the same surge of joy, positive energy and relief when Obama swept the presidential election as anyone! And, I got 2 messages (among many) about the election and Obama being elected, from vastly different sources, but similar, all the same…

From spiritual channel Susan Leland:

“St Germain tonight said that America is the World. What happens here will move across the face of this planet and all will see that it is not about the victory of one man as head of the country. It is about all the new energies within all the peoples of the world that are standing together to watch the wave of change move from America to be shared with the world, and in turn the world to share with all peoples. There will be no return to the ways of the past as tonight those bridges were collapsed forever. Whether some know it or not, we have stepped up onto our path of ascension, in a decisive manner and only congratulations is in order. We will now find that where there were previously impediments, there will now be assistance and encouragement that only increases with each step we take. Without the harassment and destructive programs we will feel the lightness of heart and spirit increase in every place we go. In the supermarket, at work, or at play, a new energy has now commenced to lift us together. The changes will begin to accelerate at a dizzy pace now.”

What Obama's Election Means Abroad
Scott Baldauf, The Christian Science Monitor: "The world, which has tracked this American election like no other, sees Barack Hussein Obama as their president, their choice. And they see him through their own geographical and cultural prisms. To many, he represents the restoration of faith in American democratic ideals, of equality. The global euphoria over the election of the first black US president is also partly an expression of a populace that wants to believe that the same principles can apply to their lives, too."

In exopolitical articles and discussions going on right now online, it's being wondered if Obama will be the disclosure president we've all been waiting for, or will disclosure be relegated to the half-truth, half-deception of the military-industrial complex and black project groups wanting to keep to their secret agendas? Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group has initiated a new project, Million Fax on Washington. At this website, you can get guidance to send a letter (best option), fax (next best) or email stating your desire to see the truth embargo around extraterrestrials and their technology ended so that technologies that we need badly can be accessed and implemented to end oil addiction and clean up our planet.

These shadowy organizations have been making decisions about energy and technology that affect our whole world and everyone's lives, they've been doing it for decades, and they've been doing it to line their own pockets. A major environmental crisis is upon us as a result. This must end now and we must take every opportunity to see that it does.

Please join me in sending a letter ASAP. As happy as I am that Obama is now our next president, I can't forget how we got to an administration under the Bush regime. We got complacent. We thought we had a system of government - executive, legislative and judicial each checking and balancing the other - that couldn't go too far wrong, no matter who was in the White House.

Since you can get Obama's mailing address at Stephen Bassett's website, and while you are writing your letters for disclosure, please think to write also to President-elect Obama about the release, pardon or some kind of help for Gary McKinnon. I got an email this evening from James Gilliland of Eceti on this and he is right. We must not forget about Gary McKinnon and he needs protection from being turned over to military goons in the U.S. who would punish him severely and unjustly . You can get news on his plight at Alfred Webre's blog:

And Project Camelot did an interview with him as well and that can be accessed here:

Basically, Gary was able to get into a U.S. defense naval computer system where he found a file of "Non-Terrestrial Officers", meaning not human being officers from Earth! He is now fighting extradition to the U.S. to stay in the UK and do what penalty he needs to do for his crime there. He has been very worried about ending up in Guantanamo Bay. I certainly hope this place will be shut down when Obama takes office.

We also must not forget that some invisible cadre of powerful individuals rigorously stripped our choices for president down to McCain and Obama. While I hold out all hope for Obama being everything he appears to be, and am determined to think the best of him, I remember that my first and second choices for president, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul were not given a fair chance to run or participate in the presidential primary process.

I remember people in the 70s and 80s who felt they didn't want to vote, didn't need to vote, who felt that they could afford the luxury of not voting. People said it doesn't matter who's in the White House. And while We the People were looking the other way, enjoying the American Dream lifestyle - special interests stole our government and began slicing away our constitutional rights to use America's military might for their own corporate agendas. Never forget this lesson in democracy… to never again give our power away to political leaders again. We must involve ourselves in the policies and institutions that decide the course of our lives.

The best way to bring a desired thing into physical manifestation is to demonstrate your intention by taking positive action to create it. That shows the Universe you are serious and the Universe is waiting to give us what we desire, if only we step up, act and get out of our own way.

Never forget, We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For.

Thanks for your time...


Friday, October 17, 2008

We Are None of Us Alone, Forgotten or Abandoned... but We May be Being Asked to Grow Up

Well, no lightships... yet.

As so many of us around the globe and connected through the internet now know, no undeniable huge lightship sighting was reported in such a way as to make a special breaking news broadcast over the airwaves. There were reported sightings, some hoaxes undoubtedly, but not the earth-shaking event we may have been expecting. I hope those of you who read this will join me in sending Blossom Goodchild much loving support as she goes through her own disappointment, disillusionment and grief about her channelled messages not turning out as she had hoped.

As I wrote in my previous blog, “October 14th & Contact: For Me It's Personal” the idea of living in a world transformed by extraterrestrial contact and interaction, with the knowledge humanity would gain about our true origins and connections to galactic humanity… well, I still believe fully in the eventuality of that contact, I feel it is destined for the not too distant future, perhaps even within months. One thing I feel certain of, Star Nations of the Light, also known as the Galactic Federation of Light, will do it in such a way as to make sure the timing is optimal for those of us here on the ground. They want no one harmed in anyway, not even those who might wish them harm.

What we have learned from this experience, and what those star beings monitoring this wave of expectation may also have learned, is that:

There are tremendous numbers of us here who want them to arrive.
There are others who consider their arrival to be a design of Satan.
There are still some who are afraid of contact.
There are some who haven't even given contact real consideration until now.
There are some still wholly unaware of ETs existence on any conscious level.

One thing is certain, this event and those it reached in whatever way, is something we must all carefully consider in the weeks and months ahead. For those of you really interested, keep checking in with as Brad Johnson is keeping that going and continuing to report on new developments with this.

We live on a planet enslaved to oil corporations, who really determine how much it will cost us to move goods and provide services. Their pricing determines whether we will travel or not, and how much things at the grocery store and other places will cost us and how we will have to respond to that in our budgets. Many people would have liked a rescue from that enslavement. Many of us would like to see our environment cleaned up and stabilized.

The thing we have to realize is that we are responsible for what we've created here. We are responsible for our complacency and not paying attention while special interests took over our governments, a chunk at a time. And we do have the ability to solve our own environmental problems and a great deal of available clean energy that can be harnessed to do this. (See Zeitgeist Addendum. )

My request remains, to the extraterrestrials, could you at least show up and give us some guidance? Could you at least show up and tell us the truth and expose fully, once and for all, the power elite and their agenda of domination and control? Could you at the very least help us to get a level playing field down here? With that level playing field, we have enough wonderful compassionate and caring visionaries right here on Earth who can take it from there.

We are so trapped thinking inside the boxes that the powerful and rich of this planet have built for us that we can hardly envision a world of free energy, or a moneyless society where all have their needs met and can pursue an enlightened life. We are born indoctrinated into a world where we accept unquestioningly: “This is just the way it is.”

James Gilliland of Eceti (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) - a contactee who regularly sees ships on his ranch in Washington State tells us that the extraterrestrials will not come as our saviors, pulling a codependent rescue of humanity. This would be like sitting a group of unruly children aside on a bench while the over-responsible adults clean up the impossible mess they made, thinking the children not smart enough or capable enough to be trusted to do it. Coming as I do from a family with an alcoholic father and codependent mother, watching that drama unfold year after year, I saw how my mother protected my father in many ways from the natural consequences of his behavior. At last, when she could take no more, they divorced, and shortly after that my father's behavior got so out of hand, he was asked to resign from the company he had worked for over 20 years. A few years later, he died of his alcoholism from a heart that simply gave out.

So the question to us, to humanity, is: Are we smart enough and capable enough to clean up our own social, environmental, political and economic messes? We must be, for our own sakes. If we were seeded here on this planet by extraterrestrial humans, perhaps we were placed here to evolve to full consciousness and sentience on our own. Perhaps full contact with extraterrestrials will happen only when we have achieved that or at least begin to achieve it. Perhaps any intervention will only be enough to prevent us from destroying ourselves and allow us to continue growing, learning and evolving on our own, as the shutting down of nuclear weapons would indicate.

A good argument could be made that humanity is not even sentient, or is barely beginning to be sentient just now, showing just the barest hints of embracing a level of enlightened consciousness that could do away with violence and war and embrace peace and cooperation with each other, all other life and our planet. Is it demonstrating sentience to be so opportunistic, manipulative and self-serving that you threaten your own survival and that of all life around you? I think not.

Life on this planet right now is a crucible, creating a collective crisis in consciousness that just might give birth to true sentience in humanity. I'm encouraged as I see the signs of this all around us, in organizations like the Bioneers, Institute of Noetic Sciences, in the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard and many, many more. There are heroisms all around us waiting to be performed, waiting for each of us, in accord with our own passions and compassion, to take up and contribute our special gifts to our world.

Do I still want extraterrestrials to show up? You bet! Absolutely. But not to bail us kids out of our mess. I want them to show up as equals - more evolved on a variety of levels certainly - in ways that empower humanity rather than disempowering us by saving us from the consequences of our own lack of vision. We must not make them gods - there is evidence that that happened in our distant, ancient past and they have been wondering how to create empowering intervention and contact again ever since. Evolved though they may be, and wise, they may not be infallible.

Lastly I close with some transmissions I received tel-empathically, once on Tuesday the 14th conversing with a friend and once today, the 17th, driving my car. In each case I was talking about my own strong-felt connection with the star beings and my own imploring them to please come to Earth, please show up and put a stop to this runaway government heading for a cliff, and appearing to try and drag as many of the rest of us off it with them as they can. At least come and let people know the truth so that truth can set us free to do what we need to do for each other and our Earth, so we can take co-creative responsibility to create a new world of love and cooperation. In each instance, I was touched by an incredible loving energy in the entire upper chest/heart area that in an instant brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. This is how telepathy or tel-empathy works for me, a wave of incoming vibration usually in the heart area that translates to words as it touches my body. Tuesday and today the words were:

“We hear you. We do not ignore you all down on Earth, with all the challenges you face and all the suffering you experience. We love you deeply. You are part of us. We have not abandoned you… and, we must choose precisely the right time to show ourselves. Trust us to do so.”

Today when this loving vibration and message touched me, I had a flash of recognition from an experience years ago, I think in 1988. I was attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas and was sitting in a college Spanish class when I was suddenly struck by a powerful, powerful experience of cosmic or divine Love, pouring through me like high voltage creating more bliss than it seemed my human body could hold. Tears of joy poured down my face and I looked around surreptitiously marveling that people needed language to communicate at all from the state I was experiencing. I kept my head bent down over my desk, not wanting anyone to speak to me or ask me about the tears - that might shatter and disperse the incredible love voltage pouring through me. I didn't want it to stop. When class ended I walked to the desert garden, sat on a bench and tried to capture the experience in writing before it ebbed completely away. Not easy at all, the experience was beyond words.

Today, and Tuesday, I felt that same energy of Love that I felt back then, only just a gentle touch of It, rather than a great surging river of It. I felt so excited to have had the recognition and made the connection of this recent energy experience to that profound one so many years ago.

We are none of us alone, forgotten or abandoned… but we may be being asked to grow up.

Thank you for reading…


Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 14th & Contact: For Me, It's Personal

Dear Friends who read this blog, like so many around this globe, I am waiting to see what October 14th brings. I have been waiting for this for so many years. I have become so awakened, and more and more all the time to my small but important role in preparing for full - undeniable - open public sightings and contact.

There was a time years before, when, after my initial hypnosis session turned my world completely upside down, I lived managing a certain level of terror just to work and live and move through my life in some kind of 'normal' manner. As I investigated the material around my newly emerged memories, I found more and more corroborating stories, testimony, evidence that they were real. Indeed, I could not complete my healing process until I accepted that they were real and dealt with all the emotional fallout from them. I finally, years later, did some subsequent hypnosis sessions to uncover more that I had questions about, needing more answers. I remember sitting on my sofa for hours at a time after, in shock, pushing down rising panic at the calculated cruelty and incredible abuse I remembered.

Difficult as this process was, it was also a time of great awakening of my consciousness and that continues on to the days through which we are now passing.

I remember the times years ago I sat watching UFO documentaries on TV, knowing extraterrestrials are real, watching evidence being presented, and watching debunkers allowed to comment on it all and ridicule it back into the realm of the unreal and the ridiculous, preserving the fragile reality of those who can't or won't face the facts of what is going on all around them.

I remember not being able to even begin to deal with my own memories and my feelings about them because of this ridicule, and healing that could have happened sooner with the right support, happened much, much later. I hope I am putting an end to that by coming forward, so that those who have had experiences like mine can find the support they need to heal. But back then, in the years past, I got to the point of refusing to watch UFO programs any more, angry that a reality that I knew was real was being so denied. I said I would only watch coverage of this phenomenon once first contact was accurately announced by Dan Rather on the evening news. Till then, just leave me out of it all.

I was experiencing not only fear of emerging memories and speaking about my experiences, but deep anger and rage, and deep grief around them as well. Especially grief. I wondered how I could live with memories of such cold, calculated cruel abuse. Just to know that some human beings were capable of treating other human beings in such a way felt like a loss of innocence so profound as to be almost too much to live with… and I wondered if my earlier near-brush with suicide had sprung from the pressure of these phantom memories which my body knew, but my mind had not yet reclaimed at that time. I wondered, 'how do people survive carrying around memories like this?' The weight of the grief was overwhelming. I'm currently working with a friend to create a DVD to tell my story in full, so others who want to know it can, and so I can be complete and never have to repeat my experiences again. I have moved beyond the need to tell this over and over again.

The shift that has happened to me in the last few years has been because I did find two gifted healers to work with and they will always have my deep love and gratitude. With the pressure of the emotional turmoil lifted, I reclaimed a sense of joy in living and enjoying a wonderful community to live in, here in southwest Colorado. I turned my attention to art and other interests, like sustainability. I did my best to put my experiences behind me, keep quiet about them (except to a few friends) so as not to upset others who didn't know about such things or expose myself to disbelief and ridicule, which in a minor way, is almost re-traumatizing. But in the last two years I have found that speaking out about my experiences is a necessary - and vital - part of my final stages of healing.

So I created Durango Exopolitics, as a blog here online and as a local discussion group, in which, from my own well of experiences, spirituality and insights, I do my best to educate people about the reality of extraterrestrials, the shadow government and what they are capable of and, in spite of what has happened to me and the memories I carry, take a joyful, peaceful and hopeful view of humanity's future. Part of this future that I consider to be inevitable, is full, open public contact with spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials.

An Awakening Wanderer

Speaking now as an awakening Wanderer - an extraterrestrial soul who chose to incarnate as human - I feel strongly that I chose this life for multiple purposes for my soul's growth. I've been associated with this planet for eons as time passes here, memories of coming here from Lyra and settling on Lemuria to seed and colonize this planet strong within me. During my earthwalk here, first as a Lyran, then incarnating as human to experience more fully this world and its peoples' evolution, I picked up karma, which choosing this particular present life, with all its challenges, has helped to clear for the coming ascension, or humanity's first-stage enlightenment that will help as many as possible move into another energetic octave of spiritual evolution and experience.

The difficulties of this life have spurred an equally wondrous awakening to consciousness, to who I truly am. My mission here is two-fold: to educate to the best of my ability about extraterrestrials and the shadow government from my unique experience and spiritual perspectives, and as a field-worker liaison with the Star Nations of the Light to share my human experiences and insights with my Star community so they can understand what it's like for us who live on Earth and factor in these experiences as they determine how best to intervene in and set humanity back on course for the coming Shift or portal of 2012, that we are even now in the great wave of. I am as human as any of you, and yet also (and I'm one of millions) a soul who came here long ago as we measure time here, to learn/teach and assist.

There were many lifetimes when I forgot my purpose here in the Great Forgetting that happens to souls who incarnate here. Remembering our purpose and why we came is extremely challenging, and yet, as with other emerging feelings/memories that surface, I smile to myself when I think I must have most enthusiastically volunteered to come, excited at such opportunities for my soul's growth that I'd encounter here. When I go back among my Star community for good, the passage of time there will seem like I was on an extended pilgrimage of several months to a couple of years, though here on Earth I'll soon celebrate my 54th birthday. Don't ask me how I know this. It just seems to emerge as truth from within.

So, as I contemplate October 14th, first undeniable sightings/contact with the kind of extraterrestrial beings we need so very much to come to know and have contact with, for me it's personal. It's the complete joy of two realities I belong to coming together at last. It's weeping tears of joy and relief to know that the kinds of cruelties and abuses I experienced will never have to happen to anyone here again. It's having the insight that, if NESARA is truly real and is implemented, it will be a bridge to a true moneyless society where people create abundance for all and work to their individual and common good and the good of all life here and Gaia herself. It's knowing that all people will know all the truth of what has transpired here at last - no more denial - and that truth will set them free, and that freedom will then become responsible co-creativity of our collective, conscious world from our hearts in loving cooperation with each other and the living conscious Universe. It's knowing that it is a beginning rich with promise, truly a New Dawn for humanity and this world.

Thanks for reading...


Monday, September 22, 2008

Prepare for Contact! & Humans Carry Extraterrestrial DNA

Prepare for Contact!

Some of the most exciting news to those of us who follow extraterrestrial news online are multiple announcements of mass extraterrestrial ship sightings that are reported to take place just next month, on or around October 14th. These sightings will be of huge motherships that will stay in place for days, stationary or flying some amazing maneuvers that can be well-photographed by people on the ground. No explaining them away as weather balloons or swamp gas this time. These will be huge ships, perhaps a mile or more wide. Keep your cameras handy!

These sighting events have been reported by several channelers who are in regular contact with ET intelligences. Check the following video links for yourself.

From Mike Quinsey & Blossom Goodchild:">

From Adamu (this one in particular pulls a great deal together from my own knowledge and experience):

From Ashtar:

I have not always followed channeled messages until the last few years, judging them too woo-woo and “unscientific” but in the last few years I've paid much more attention. Many, many of these channeled messages, in books and videos, talk of the Galactic Federation of Light, and their messages resonate strongly for me spiritually. And the consistency of information from so many different sources is also something that has carried weight in my assessment of the information. My strengthening relationship with my own spirit guides has helped me to open to such messages. I urge you to check them out with an open mind, and an open heart.

Some of the things that have been my mission with Durango Exopolitics is connecting the dots between what has been going on in the government under the surface with regard to extraterrestrials and their technology, the power that has given rogue groups within the structure of government that have hijacked our political system and turned it over to special interest groups that have run amok with that power. They are waging wars and destroying our environment on this planet to line their own pockets with billions in profits to stay in power and withholding technology they have gleaned from crashed, captured extraterrestrial ships-technology that holds the keys to ending an addiction to oil, cleaning up our planet, and changing the lives of every person on Earth for the better. Allegedly this military-industrial complex has even traded with regressive and manipulative extraterrestrials (under the Eisenhower administration) to obtain more technology that they felt would give them world-wide military superiority. I have repeated over and over that no one can truly understand the U.S. political situation without adding to it the extraterrestrial factor. Only then can one understand the full scope of the political problems that confront us today- and envision solutions to those problems- and how a small group with huge secrets they've been keeping has been able to seize control of our government and begin dismantling our Constitution, taking away our rights and bringing our country to it's knees economically.

The reason for this is to establish a body of knowledge for people who have not had much exposure to this information or phenomenon to begin to see the evidence/testimony about this issue for themselves, and to begin to understand that this is truly a real phenomenon. (See the end of this message for links to more information about the government and extraterrestrials.)

Full, open, public contact with spiritually evolved, benevolent ETs would at the very least, level the playing field between the power-mongering elite and the rest of humanity.

Humans Carry Extraterrestrial DNA

The military-industrial complex and manipulative ETs are not the only game in town. Just as there are good and bad people in our world, there are groups of extraterrestrials who are controlling and manipulative and also those who live by higher ideals, by heart and conscience and have been standing by planning and working out for many, many years now, how to help our Earth in a way that will empower all of her inhabitants.

Why would such spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials care about Earthlings? Because we are part of them. While evolution is part of what has produced modern man, an element of intelligent design comes in as well. A good case can be made for the fact that we were seeded upon this world and that our evolutionary process has been helped along by extraterrestrials. According to more than one source, humanity carries DNA from 22 different extraterrestrial species and is considered a living library for that reason. For more information on the ET DNA that is part of humanity's make-up, check the following links.

By Dr. Michael Salla online:

This excellent and well-researched article gives much information and many links to other studies and researched articles that show that human beings most certainly carry extraterrestrial DNA. Two such articles are at:

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

A well delineated article on this subject here by scholar Zecharia Sitchin:

A book at also explores this:
“Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution“ by Arthur David Horn

It is my strong intuition that our extraterrestrial DNA carries now-latent abilities that will come online when first, full, open, undeniable contact begins with extraterrestrials. Their full mastery of those abilities may activate the same abilities in us when they begin to use those talents with us, such as telepathy and deeply empathic abilities. There have long been stories told and books written about extraordinary abilities of Eastern mystics and gurus. These abilities may belong to us all and are just waiting activation by those who know how they work and teach us the same.

We can only imagine some of the benefits that could come with such enlightened contact… one of the most important being free energy, ending the stranglehold that the oil cartels have held on our world. Possibly new technology introduced to help heal a stressed world eco-system. A new era can open for humanity, free of war, and where each of us can explore our own consciousness and our world's highest good in a variety of ways.

Extraterrestrials & the Government - links to video information:

If you have not taken a look at these videos online yet, take some time to check them out. They give excellent testimony, history and background about extraterrestrial issues related to the military-industrial complex.

Richard Dolan, historian on “How UFO Secrecy has Damaged American Society”
(you can move the video forward about 12 min. 15 sec. to skip the intro if you want to cut to the chase)

And, the Disclosure Project Witness Testimony video can be seen at:
Part One:

Part Two:

Thanks for reading… and keep your eyes on the skies!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Shift of the Ages: The Extraterrestrial Factor

I begin with two quotes from IONS founder and Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. Aeronautics, MIT, and the 6th man to walk on the moon:

“My interest basically is what’s the nature of the universe we live in? What is our relationship to the larger reality? If UFOs are a part of the larger reality and we are denying it, that to me is unconscionable."

“Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated. Perhaps a large part of the activity that's classified as UFO abductions may very well not be due to ET activity at all. I would suspect if any is due to ET activity, it is a rather small part. A larger portion is due to human activity in a very clandestine fashion. People in high level government have very, very little, if any, valid information about this. Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. [As to] the question, “How could it be kept secret?” It hasn’t been kept secret. It’s been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out. I believe it is a very important effort that we get Congressional oversight of all this. But so far that hasn’t happened.”

Several years ago I watched a Discovery Channel documentary, “Humans: Who Are We?” It traced the evolution of humanity from our distant past, and at the end, it extrapolated into our future, wondering what kind of adaptations would happen in the human race as it evolved in environments on other worlds we would someday colonize. So, even in this documentary, the scientists who helped create it surmised that someday humanity would travel to, colonize, or seed other worlds with life like our own.

If Terran humanity dreams of going into space, colonizing other worlds, why is it so hard to imagine—and even more, seriously investigate—that this has already happened… that we ourselves were colonized or seeded here by other travelers, by other versions of galactic humanoid life?

Some people have difficulty with the notion that humanity is not some kind of evolutionary culmination or pinnacle of development. Some people, if they could entertain the idea of extraterrestrials seriously, would shun contact or help from extraterrestrials, just because they are different or not of Earth… perhaps because they would be evidence incontrovertible that sentient Terran humanity is not as special or unique as many of us would like to think, or have been taught to think our whole lives, by history, science and religion.

The Star Trek universe that is so popular on television and at the movies for decades now, has taught us about a principle of non-interference, their Prime Directive, that those evolved, space-faring races of moral integrity would allow individual worlds to evolve and develop on their own until such point as they begin moving out into space, then contact them and invite them to join their ‘Federation’. The very use of the metaphor of a science ‘fiction’ show to illustrate my point may draw some ridicule as people point out that I’m a dreamer who would like real life to imitate an idealized television or movie fantasy.

But for those of us who have experienced abduction or contact by extraterrestrials, or have been insiders and witnesses to extraterrestrial contact or technology kept secret by a shadow government within a government over the last 60+ years, extraterrestrials and their extremely advanced technology and science are not in any way a fiction. They are a reality. One that has been suppressed by individuals and groups whose moral integrity is non-existent, whose only desire has been to keep secret this contact and technology for their own purposes of power, control and personal profit, as bits and pieces of this technology have been leaked out to the public, such as laser and microchip technology. Oil corporations have been allowed to continue an energy stranglehold on our planet, the dwindling and costly-to-obtain oil supply ever-increasing in price, forcing up the cost of all goods and services because of the cost of the energy required to move and provide them. All this going on while other free energy extraterrestrial technologies have been researched and available to replace oil and avert an environmental catastrophe, possibly available from at least the 1960s. Even when humans have come up with ways and solutions to expand and make more efficient the burning of fossil fuels, these have been suppressed as well. The powerful interests that control the energy and the cost of that energy to move goods and provide services that humanity has become dependent on have not allowed their energy monopoly to be in any way threatened. They sit on top of this pyramid, and intend to remain there.

One doesn’t have to look at the extraterrestrial factor these days to see the greed, control and power-mongering in government, wars created for political convenience for those who have seized the global power of the U.S. It is more than ever transparent to any thinking person that this is about who will control the remaining oil reserves on the planet, keep power and stay on top the pyramid. However, without a good grasp of the extraterrestrial factor and the shadow government that has kept secret and exploited extraterrestrial technology in their own ways, mainstream society does not have, and cannot have a complete and whole picture of the problem. And until we have this complete grasp of the problem of oil and the secrecy around the power that keeps it in place, those of us who want to meet the challenges of environmental protection and restoration and find new energy solutions, may find ourselves taking swings at phantoms that sit just out of our reach that we can’t, or refuse—to see. I don’t see how we, as human beings of conscience and integrity, can solve a problem that we don’t fully understand the deepest root causes of.

Individually, many of us who have made our path a spiritual one through life know that often it is a crisis of consciousness, an extreme challenge or threat that we face that opens us to even more depth, more compassion and more understanding of our own spiritual natures, expanding our understanding of the spiritual universe and our places in it. As the sciences push deeper into the mysteries of quantum mechanics, string theory and the existence of other dimensions, they are met by the sages and teachers of spirituality and the true nature of reality who understood this all along throughout the ages.

Just as we have individual challenges, crises— things that open up our awareness and understanding— so is humanity as a collective experiencing this challenge and opportunity to expand our consciousness, now. We have created this crisis for ourselves and now we must resolve it, as a collective.

On one hand, if we look at reality in an objective, empirical way, we see good guys and bad guys in this drama unfolding on Earth at this time. Television, movies and the media give us unending examples of good versus evil, good people finally driven to fight for their rights to live, be free and have a good life. War is still the paradigm handed to us.

But what if there is another choice? What if we choose to see past the things that divide us and choose unity and understanding, community and compassion over war? What if we choose not to fight at all? The path of a spiritual warrior is to ever look within at the duality inside himself or herself, ever deeper, seeing to the heart of, the truth of a situation… and to choose the way of peace, understanding and compassion. This is not always an easy path when we would rather jump to the conclusion that something is bad and must be fought against. That is why the term, spiritual warrior applies. We must all cultivate our own inner spiritual warriors to undertake the often difficult path to the core of truth, understanding and compassion, rather than leaping into a path of action that on the surface seems just, but does not see to the core. The spiritual warrior looks within to the deepest truth and undertakes to shift his perspective and face his or her own shadow to create change in the outer world.

I believe that part of the crisis in consciousness for the collective of humanity at this time is to look inward collectively and heal our collective humanity and consciousness from within, individual by individual, reaching out to each other, teaching each other, facing our collective shadow that has created our current human environmental/societal/political mess. It’s easy to point fingers outside ourselves and get angry at the government, the oil corporations. Harder to look at how we are complicit in the way the world is today. But we are. Our collective unconscious behavior, our refusal to look at the collective human shadow in how it’s reflected in the behavior of our governments, societal institutions and corporate entities has created this collective crisis of consciousness.

People have labeled as conspiracy theory that which they are too afraid to look at and admit goes on in the world, and those whose power is tied up in keeping their own secrets have encouraged this ridicule and disbelief. We have been sold a version of reality that is not true and does not serve us any more— if it ever did. But how can people change things if they don’t even know what is really happening beneath the apparent surface of their reality? It takes the will and the courage to look and learn. A good place to start is the Transformation Team at

The truth is that we need to scrutinize and question the debt-based system of money and finance in this world which allows the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer all over the world. We need to scrutinize and question why we are addicted to oil and take responsibility for that addiction, how we accepted the promise of cheap energy to allow suburban sprawl to take over our farmlands and make us dependent on distant factory farms for food. We need to take responsibility for allowing our government to institute the National Security Act of 1947 – no accident that it was the same year as the Roswell UFO crash – that allowed an impenetrable curtain of secrecy in our country behind which every power-grabbing individual or group could hide any and every dirty secret that they could pin to the banner of “national security”, free from any legal means to investigate or prosecute abuses of people, places or rights. We need to face the fact that our government imported the Nazi Third Reich scientists who experimented and tortured thousands of Jews in concentration camps because they wanted to know the secrets these Nazi scientists had learned about the breaking points of human minds and physical endurance and how they could be programmed, like Manchurian candidates. (Google “Project Paperclip.) Mind control is one of the most frightening and difficult to acknowledge parts of the collective human unconscious, but it does go on, in this country and around the world, including every kind of pre-meditated torture and sexual abuse imaginable, and perhaps forms of abuse that some good people can’t even imagine. And like in a family where incest is going on, fear and avoidance of looking at the truth and doing something about it allows it to go on, allows people to continue to be harmed and controlled in horrific ways. It is when we don’t look, refuse to look and to see that the dark, shadowy and disowned parts of the collective human psyche have broken off and taken on a life of their own that we become an accessory to those shadow factions and their acting out.

To look at all the shadow parts of humanity and to become aware of them can be overwhelming at first. From my own experience, I know that it is best to allow the whole tide of feelings and emotions to wash over one, from the standpoint of the spiritual warrior, seeking the core of truth and understanding. Weep tears if you must. Feel rage if that comes up. Feeling fear about it all can be the most difficult to face. But as many sages have taught us, that which we fear to look at in our lives, controls our lives. Allow the feelings and emotions to wash over you without stopping its flow until it spends itself and you can take a deep breath and let the energy go on the outbreath. And all grief, rage and fear do spend themselves and run down. They are energies that, if opened to, cannot sustain themselves over time— unless they are unacknowledged, repressed and not felt to completion.

I have come to intuit and believe deeply that spiritually evolved and benevolent extraterrestrials have been watching over Earth for a long time. It is the unresolved collective human shadow that has kept them for the most part out of sight and beyond open contact. If you can imagine races of beings that are peace-loving, cooperative, telepathic, tel-empathic, how can they risk that kind of contact with a species who still carries so much repressed and unacknowledged shadow material that perpetuates misery and suffering on our planet? They know in certainty what we have begun to learn in recent decades—that we are responsible for the acting out of our disowned shadow natures, individually and collectively. They have been waiting for us to grow up. They want contact. They want us to know them. They want us to know our true heritage as children of the Star Nations and to join them as mature, sentient spiritual beings. And if we can do this, then we may gain access to resources that could help solve our current environmental crisis beyond what we are able to achieve on our own.

Imagine two parents, arms outstretched as their toddler takes his or her first steps, reaching for those loving hands. This is the analogy I see as humanity stumbles forward, teetering and trying to gain balance as it attains the equilibrium to take those beginning steps to touch the hands of our galactic parents in friendship and cooperation. The only way the balance and equilibrium is attained is through embracing peace within our individual hearts, clearing out any dark places in ourselves that would prevent peace. When we do this we are expanding our vision and our consciousness, raising our vibrations and reaching the common energetic ground upon which the meeting of Earth humanity and galactic humanity can take place.

With the incidence of extraterrestrial craft sightings increasing exponentially in recent times and being more and more widely shared and acknowledged, this is evidence that the great Shift of human consciousness is underway, and significant numbers of us are beginning to mature as a species. The extraterrestrials have been waiting for us to meet them halfway, to help to create the common energetic ground in which contact can occur. They have not been able to risk lowering their vibrations to encounter us before now, but as we raise our vibrations through clearing our shadow material and embracing truth, love, peace, understanding and compassion, we help to create that common energetic ground upon which we can meet.

Thanks for reading…

Be Well, and Many Blessings to you,


Friday, May 9, 2008

On the Upward Spiral of Increasing Light and the Energy of Entropy

I’ve done some deep and disturbing research into ‘the dark side’ on this planet… and I can tell you from my own explorations that this dark cannot exist in our duality without an equally brilliant Light and positive energy flow balancing it. There is one important difference, and I first began to experience that difference for myself as a drumming and dance facilitator back in the late 1990s.

When I would have people drum or dance their sadness, fear, anger and depression, expressing those energies through rhythm or movement, these energies always would run down quickly and then the energy of the movement or rhythm would shift into joy. Joy can continue on and on (until the human body physically needs to stop and rest). It is self-creating and self-sustaining—it does not suffer the running down, the entropy that the so-called negative emotions do.

As I researched into the darker areas of the things going on in this world, particularly within the military-industrial complex of the U.S., the inner workings of the power elite and the Illuminati, even to their supposed practices of intensely negative satanic rituals, frightening as it was to contemplate—I found an insight into the reason for the rituals themselves. The energies they are trying to keep going and perpetuate are negative energies and subject to entropy, to running down, to running out of steam. So they use their ritual knowledge of cyclic energies of Earth and the solar system and perhaps out further to do their rituals to give these entropic energies boosts to keep chugging on.

And they are running out of time—entropy is overtaking them. We see on this planet a clash of the paradigms. On the positive, the growing love, light and compassion expanding almost effortlessly, as each human who embraces love, light and compassion in their own being becomes an example for the next person, and the next and the next, and on and on. Energy creating and sustaining in an ever-upward spiral of expansion.

On the negative, we see an old, worn out fear-hatred-anger-based system pulling out every stop, throwing out every threat and fear-laden scenario they can to struggle to keep control of the world. By doing this they are contributing to their own demise. Fear, hatred and anger are energies of entropy. The more they work to instill such emotions in people the more they contribute to their own end, and this is why.

People continually zapped with fear-images and fear-words over and over again, like electric shocks to the body, eventually, sooner or later, become exhausted. They begin to search for another way, often to recover their health from an adrenaline-drenched and exhausted body. They may reach a point where they are so exhausted they ‘surrender’… “Whatever ‘it’ is to be so afraid of, just let ‘it’ happen and take me. I’m so tired I don’t care any more.”

In that moment of falling into surrender, we are caught by the arms of the Divine, Loving, Light-filled Source Creator. Source Creator can appear synchronistically as a friend with just the right thing to say or just a loving hug at the right moment. Source Creator can appear as a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, or rainbow shining through rain-soaked clouds appearing as a renewal of beauty, hope and strength. Source Creator can appear as a flash of spectacular intuitive insight that leads us to a new way of looking at things, a new path through life. It can be a kindness, a smile, a laugh, a touch. It can be a bird landing on a slender branch in the just the right way at just the right moment to remind us we are always supported. It can be our animal companions laying themselves or their heads in our laps in silent compassion and empathy, their eyes meeting ours. It can be glimpsing for an instant the great adventure that lies beyond the death of the physical body, waiting for us. It can be a thousand things that appear to us at just the right time to perceive the metaphor for hope and continuity of all that is good and loving and light-filled… lighting our way to reaching out to others in the myriad of ways we diverse humans can have creatively and transformatively to touch others in the love, light and compassion, and pass it on.

The more fear that the ‘dark side’ works to throw out, the more they pull out all the stops, get more and more extreme in their plans to control and dominate through fear, the more and more exhausted people find new life, new energy, new strength in embracing love, light and compassion. The dark side’s own fear of losing control causes more and more extremes of horrific behavior, hastening their own entropy by awakening more and more of humanity to the Light. They are actually helping the Great Transformation of human evolution and shift to higher consciousness to occur, whether they planned on that or not. Maybe it is part of the greater cosmic plan of Source Creator.

To each of you who read this I ask… how tired are you of the world of the dark? Tired enough to surrender, to trust in the Source Creator of which we are all a part to catch you and light your way to a new path and a new world? What energies are you serving by your emotional states…The entropic energies of fear, hate and anger? Or the upward, creative, sustaining, expanding spiral of Light, Love and Compassion?

You choose.

Many Blessings,


P.S. To really join with a community dedicated to human evolution, embracing higher consciousness and transformation, check out this Free! Transformation Team course (you can join the Transformation Team community upon completing the 21 Lesson course) at these links:

Fred Burks is the main compiler of this course with the help of many others... some of their names appear here:

I'm finding this course to be one of the most powerful I've ever undertaken, giving necessary information about the Illuminati and the darker forces in our world, and balancing it with powerful tools and inspirational stories to expand light and love in the world. Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Extraterrestrials & Spiritual Evolution of Humanity: Cracking Open Human Consciousness

Imagine you are one of those who get to see a flying saucer… you see the shape of it, how it moves, maneuvers, winks in and out of sight in less than an instant. Maybe you even feel a sense of peaceful connection with it along with a sense of wonder and awe. The experience comes to a close as the craft swiftly disappears at a speed you can hardly conceive of.

For many of us who see such sights, the experience is life altering. You begin to try to open and expand your mind, to wrap your mental reasoning around the certainty that there is ‘something’ now that occupies your world, your universe, along with you that can do things that you know should be impossible. Perhaps as you look for answers you pick up books on quantum mechanics, string theory, and the postulations on the existence of other dimensions, maybe as many as 11… and perhaps spiritual books that discuss the same things from a viewpoint arrived at from within the human psyche through deep and prolonged spiritual practice, such as meditation.

You arrive at least a pre-conclusion—the craft you saw must have the ability to move between dimensions, to fold space, travel at warp speed. Since it is not any earthly craft you know of, it must be from elsewhere in our solar system or our galaxy. To traverse the distances we know from our school science classes are almost beyond imagination, measured in parsecs, astronomical units and light years, beings piloting such crafts must have a mastery of sciences now only in their infancy on Earth, or even sciences not yet even conceived of by humanity.

Intrigued, you now look at how long people have reported seeing strange, unearthly crafts in the skies. At least since the 1940s… and Earth culture as we know it has continued during this time without harm, no attacks such as portrayed in various science fiction scenarios. And if you dig a little deeper, read Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods, or the some of well-researched and scholarly works of Zecharia Sitchen, you find that visits may have been happening since ancient times, opening you to an even deeper curiosity to discover what has been unfolding through the ages.

Working With Nature, Not Against Her

Most current experiencers, a significant number of researchers and channeled information now point to the fact that the more advanced the craft being observed, the higher the level of spiritual development is needed to even conceive the methods of construction, propulsion and operation of such a craft. Ralph Ring, who worked with Otis Carr in the 1950s & 60s, created a terrestrial flying saucer. Ralph Ring was interviewed in 2006 by Project Camelot, What follows is a quote from that interview:

“When recalling the heady events of the late 1950s working day and night with Carr, Ring again and again stressed that the key was working with nature. "Resonance", he would emphasize repeatedly. "You have to work with nature, not against her." He described how when the model disks were powered up and reached a particular rotational speed, "...the metal turned to Jell-o. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt." (See the above referenced website link to read more of the interview or to download the free video.)

Otis Carr was a protégé of Nicola Tesla. Tesla is also quoted at the above website:

"My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety."

Nikola Tesla, interviewed in The New York Herald Tribune, October 15, 1911

These seem to be individuals who, through their abilities to work with nature, to see the workings of her in all her beauty and simplicity in flashes of insight and understanding her basic natural laws of operation, laws of oneness, were able to produce a craft capable of some of the same maneuvers and instantaneous travel that extraterrestrial craft appear to do in our skies.

To work with nature is the essence of what our planet, her ecosystem and all the lifeforms that live here are now crying out to humanity for. Crying out in geological catastrophe, in dangerously chaotic weather, in animals such as deer and even bears roaming and living alongside humans in their communities Humanity must turn back to working with nature, to appreciate and understand her in all her intricate simplicities. It’s time to turn our backs on creating greater and greater means of destroying life. It’s time to turn our backs on creating more and more stuff that alienates nature from herself, turning raw materials into toxic wastes. It’s time to turn our backs on making objects with “planned obsolescence”, encouraging a consumer society that routinely buys and throws away, and away and away, until where to put all the garbage becomes a huge and serious problem.

The Problems of Peace for a Society Based on War

In the Star Trek film, “First Contact”, the Enterprise crew traveled back in time to make sure that first contact took place with the Vulcans precisely on schedule as their history had recorded. Why? At least one of the reasons given was that it “united humanity in a way never before thought possible” causing an end to wars and a setting aside of differences that ushered in a new age for humanity, one that took them to the stars.

Most people these days would agree that world peace will flow from a more enlightened viewpoint of understanding and cooperation between the peoples of the world. But what could bring that about? We have a U.S. government revealing itself more and more transparently as a corporate oligarchy pursuing their own interests of power, domination and control, placing these agendas over every other concern, from the welfare of its citizens to the destruction of the world’s ecosystem. They appear now to any thinking, educated individual more and more as pathologically insane, and indeed if we look at it from a viewpoint of a lot of separate individuals on the face of the planet, then we can indeed buy into the victimization of individuals, groups and societies by this powerful few. But that victim-perpetrator view of the world leaves the majority of us impotently enraged and disempowered.

If however we view them as part of the collective of humanity, they look like the terrified ego of collective humanity, aggressively defending to its last breath its own survival, while the rest of humanity awakens to a new story of cooperative Earth community, as David Korten writes about in his seminal book, “The Great Turning”. This awakening is taking place in waves around the planet as more of collective humanity realizes that we cannot continue business as usual on this planet, dictated to by an elite few pursuing their own destructive agendas. Soldiers, from 5 star generals to buck privates, need to find the courage to lay down their arms and stop fighting wars that go against spirit and conscience. Communities need to take steps locally to create sustainability in their regions. If our governments will not take the leadership in creating a clean and sustainable world, then it is up to us to do so, community by community, across the globe. We need to spend our dollars like voting ballots, sending a message with what we buy that we consciously choose a clean and sustainable world.

In the face of the current environmental crisis, this can look like an 11th hour rush to unify humanity under an environmental banner, with many groups and societies still at odds, still pulling opposite directions, and still invested in wars and hatred. So, again the question, what galvanizing event could bring about world peace and unity?

As extraterrestrial craft are seen in greater and greater numbers in the skies of Earth, over every country in the world, we may have an answer. There is film footage of UFOs being fired upon, eluding the weapons and flying off, not retaliating in kind with what surely could be much more advanced and sophisticated weapons. There are multiple reports of ET craft flying over nuclear facilities, shutting them down and rendering inert nuclear missiles shot into the atmosphere.

In the book “From Elsewhere” by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., about extraterrestrial souls living on Earth born into human bodies or as ‘walk-ins’, one of the individuals, ‘Barrie’, he interviewed put it this way:

“How could the world continue on it’s course of war and famine, social injustice and inequality, fear, suspicion, and hate if it were known that there were beings among us who are in touch with a greater wisdom and, more important, a greater love? Our faith in authority would definitely spring a leak. How could we blithely follow our leaders if we realized there are cosmic beings of immense maturity available to help us right now?”

Barrie goes on to point out that:

“… peace would be a tremendous threat to the status quo: With peace, armies would have to lay down their weapons, police forces would shrink, the entire economic system would have to search for some basis other than war, and, finally, the foundations holding up big government would crumble. For those in power, peace is downright dangerous.”

Think also about how the world would be transformed with the advent of free energy. Free energy to light and warm our homes, transport ourselves and the goods we depend on for food, clothing, shelter. Free energy to supply means to grow food to feed people… please, just continue the list, use your imaginations. Our imaginations need the exercise after living in world held in a strangle-hold by oil and coal corporations, where the cost of transporting, heating, cooling, producing have an ever-increasing price tag that we all pay for our of the necessity created by such corporations over decades. Energy alternatives have been available, from extraterrestrial technology the government has been keeping in secret to devices created by inspired individuals that were seized and suppressed by government oil corporation-controlled interests.

How much more easily could peace come about, by open example of spiritually advanced benevolent extraterrestrials, in a world transformed into a place where no one had to do without?

The signs of the consciousness of humanity shifting into a greater awareness, greater love, more cooperation, and creating a new story to begin living out on our planet is all around us, in multitudes of organizations, in the weariness of war, in the refusal to allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear-mongering.

What if the central, galvanizing final touch to this growing and expanding collective human consciousness, and the marvelous future it has the potential to create, was first open global contact with spiritually advanced benevolent extraterrestrials?

Many Blessings,


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exopolitics: Why am I doing this?

(Please scroll down for new links of interest to the U.N. Meeting about UFOs, a podcast interview of myself with Dana Cribari of the Purple Phoenix, and more.)

I'm doing this because people have both a need to know and a right to know that our government has been hi-jacked by individuals over at least the last 60 years, not necessarily elected officials, who created a secret government and have kept high level secrecy in place since the Roswell extraterrestrial crash since 1947, creating the National Security Act of 1947 the same year to insure secrecy around extraterrestrial technology retrieval and study, and down through the years, a host of other unsavory and inhumane projects that have less to do with national security, and more to do with controlling and managing the U.S. population in ways that suit their purposes, for greed and for power.

In recent times we have seen this faction, moving from the shadows but more and more increasingly obvious through their machinations, appoint a president and vice-president by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2000, rather than allow one to be duly elected by the people with a fair, impartial and fully accountable election process. This happened not once but twice, allowing an irresponsible administration to continue in office that has seized unprecedented power and run with it, starting a war of aggression with Iraq, and now posturing for a war with Iran. A president that commutes the sentences of convicted criminals. A president who tries to pass legislation giving himself and his people retroactive protection against war crimes—as much as an admission that he has committed war crimes. A president/administration that sets about dismantling the very Constitution he is sworn to protect—a domestic attack on this cherished document. A president/administration that revokes the rule of Habeas Corpus, a vital component of human rights that predates the founding of United States of America. More and more transparent to a wider and wider cross-section of the U.S. population, only the most deluded can ignore what has been and continues to go on.

When I was in the military, I took an oath to defend the U.S. and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The president, vice-president and members of Congress also take this oath upon entering office. I was also instructed that I was always to put my conscience and values ahead of orders, as well as not to stand in awe of someone of higher rank who might issue an order in conflict with my conscience and values. By such means do we individually and collectively preserve a world worth living in for all of humanity.

I see so many good people shaking their heads, disturbed, wondering how things could get this bad as they are in government today, and while recognizing it’s bad, still even in denial about how bad it truly is because of not having all the information and data they need to have to understand it at its roots. I’m amazed that top military officials, recognizing the responsibility of their oath, have not marched into the Oval office and arrested the president and his entire administration for treason, having demonstrated over and over to be “domestic enemies” of our Constitution.

And how did it get this bad? Secrecy. Secrecy that took root in the past in the aftermath of the Roswell saucer crash in the form of the National Security Act of 1947. Secrecy that allowed select groups of individuals to study and back-engineer truly out-of-this-world technology and release it in small parcels for personal profit and gain, while withholding energy technology that could help to clean up our world, making any war to secure Middle East oil fields an unnecessary and criminal waste—of trillions of dollars that could be turned to much better use—and of human lives. 4000 and counting to date. For an excellent and well researched video dealing with this topic, see Richard Dolan speaking at the 2005 X Conference - How UFO Secrecy Has Damaged American Society:

I quote the words of Ed Komarek, a friend out there on the web:

“Come on folks wake up and smell the coffee. Just think what would have happened to the environmentally destructive fossil fuels industry in the 1950s if ET related cheap, non polluting energy had become publicly available. What would have happened to the arms industry if peace would have broken out around the world? What would have happened to the whole transportation infrastructure monopolies if we transported in levitating anti-gravity vehicles? Who has the most to lose if extraterrestrial reality became common knowledge?”

“The longer the battle goes on, the more people are going to catch on to the fact that it’s the criminal elite, the entrenched interests that are primarily responsible for the 60 year cover up of extraterrestrial reality and the extreme damage to society and the global environment. The global elite have had their day but now are on the run and I hope they will one day be captured and tried in The Hague for crimes against humanity. There should be no amnesty, no appeasement given to these sophisticated criminal gangsters who have done so much damage to society and the environment the past sixty years. We need to rid the world of these people and any extraterrestrial allies they might have assisting them.”

Preparing and disseminating the knowledge to inform people about what is going on is to provide them with the means to ask the questions that must be asked, first within ourselves, then of our elected officials, and of all the alphabet agencies such as the CIA, NSA and more. Our questions must become a thunder in their ears, demanding answers, with so many multitudes asking them that they can’t help but answer or respond in some way. These are some of the questions, to start:

Why this secrecy? What is really going on? Why will you not release technology that can help solve the energy problems we have in this country and the world? Why have so many young people died in a war that never had to even happen in the first place? In an at least ostensible, however questionable and ill-founded, bid to seek out and take nuclear capability away from Moslem nations out of our fear that they will use it against us, why have we become a nation using shock and awe war terrorism to subdue those whom, as it turns out, were never a threat in a nuclear way in the first place? I’d like to see the white house, Congress and the alphabet agencies buried in letters asking these and other tough questions.

It’s hard to break peoples’, the public’s, denial. A campaign of ridicule was formulated at the very beginning of secrecy around extraterrestrials and their craft, to divide and conquer us and make sure that the majority of us never took it seriously, while those who did know, either by their nighttime abductions or exposure during military service, kept quiet out of fear of that ridicule. As far as other government secrets, patriotic U.S. citizens were conditioned to accept that some secrets needed to be kept as stated by the National Security Act of 1947, “for reasons of national security.” Now look at the government, and the world this secrecy has given us.

My partner read this post yesterday and offered the suggestion that perhaps it has too much anger in it, that I should write something more dispassionate. So I let this sit overnight and considered his feedback. As I have read through it again this morning, I feel that it needs to go as it is. He said it was a rant. I agree, and sometimes anger is the most appropriate emotion to express when a person’s, or a population’s boundaries have been so violated that basic human rights, freedoms and safety are in jeopardy. I wanted to address the question, “Why am I doing this?” Because I care deeply. Because I want people to understand what’s going on at the most fundamental levels. Confronted by an informed and aware public, any president/administration that would try to take away our basic rights and freedoms will have an extremely tough time doing it. While I may feel angry, I do not advocate violence in any form. The lessons Gandhi taught us about passive resistance may apply at some point. Forewarned is forearmed, rather than to be caught in shock when the notice comes in the mail that it’s time to go receive your sub-dermal microchip, or be arrested and imprisoned because you participated in a peace rally and have been identified as aiding and abetting terrorists by doing so, or because you question the official government version of 9/11.

Years ago, during my enlisted air force time, I suffered extremely harsh and inhumane treatment at the hands of people who exposed me to extraterrestrial technology, physically challenging injections of unknown substances and were determined to keep it secret by means of inducing intense trauma to make me compartmentalize and bury the memory. But those memories of those experiences and trauma have emerged through the discovery of 3 months of missing time in my life and subsequent hypnosis to find out what happened in those 3 months. They have not been at all easy to deal with or live with. But they did open my eyes to the kind of secret shadow government running the show behind the scenes. I’ve done years of reading, research and talked to many people to try and understand these experiences and put them into context. No one wants to believe that human beings are capable of such atrocity to other human beings. But they have created in me a person who wants to see all harm done to the Earth’s ecosystem, living things, humans or other sentient beings, whether individuals or the populations of nations or the Earth, stopped—and the secrecy that allows it to continue—end.

This is not the end of what I have to say. There is a spiritual component to all of this as well that also bears being addressed, but that's for next time, next post. The above is not easy stuff to look at or digest... so remember to balance it with walks in the sunshine, doing what you love and being with those you love and enjoying every good thing in your lives.

Many Blessings,

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