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Extraterrestrials & Spiritual Evolution of Humanity: Cracking Open Human Consciousness

Imagine you are one of those who get to see a flying saucer… you see the shape of it, how it moves, maneuvers, winks in and out of sight in less than an instant. Maybe you even feel a sense of peaceful connection with it along with a sense of wonder and awe. The experience comes to a close as the craft swiftly disappears at a speed you can hardly conceive of.

For many of us who see such sights, the experience is life altering. You begin to try to open and expand your mind, to wrap your mental reasoning around the certainty that there is ‘something’ now that occupies your world, your universe, along with you that can do things that you know should be impossible. Perhaps as you look for answers you pick up books on quantum mechanics, string theory, and the postulations on the existence of other dimensions, maybe as many as 11… and perhaps spiritual books that discuss the same things from a viewpoint arrived at from within the human psyche through deep and prolonged spiritual practice, such as meditation.

You arrive at least a pre-conclusion—the craft you saw must have the ability to move between dimensions, to fold space, travel at warp speed. Since it is not any earthly craft you know of, it must be from elsewhere in our solar system or our galaxy. To traverse the distances we know from our school science classes are almost beyond imagination, measured in parsecs, astronomical units and light years, beings piloting such crafts must have a mastery of sciences now only in their infancy on Earth, or even sciences not yet even conceived of by humanity.

Intrigued, you now look at how long people have reported seeing strange, unearthly crafts in the skies. At least since the 1940s… and Earth culture as we know it has continued during this time without harm, no attacks such as portrayed in various science fiction scenarios. And if you dig a little deeper, read Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods, or the some of well-researched and scholarly works of Zecharia Sitchen, you find that visits may have been happening since ancient times, opening you to an even deeper curiosity to discover what has been unfolding through the ages.

Working With Nature, Not Against Her

Most current experiencers, a significant number of researchers and channeled information now point to the fact that the more advanced the craft being observed, the higher the level of spiritual development is needed to even conceive the methods of construction, propulsion and operation of such a craft. Ralph Ring, who worked with Otis Carr in the 1950s & 60s, created a terrestrial flying saucer. Ralph Ring was interviewed in 2006 by Project Camelot, What follows is a quote from that interview:

“When recalling the heady events of the late 1950s working day and night with Carr, Ring again and again stressed that the key was working with nature. "Resonance", he would emphasize repeatedly. "You have to work with nature, not against her." He described how when the model disks were powered up and reached a particular rotational speed, "...the metal turned to Jell-o. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt." (See the above referenced website link to read more of the interview or to download the free video.)

Otis Carr was a protégé of Nicola Tesla. Tesla is also quoted at the above website:

"My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety."

Nikola Tesla, interviewed in The New York Herald Tribune, October 15, 1911

These seem to be individuals who, through their abilities to work with nature, to see the workings of her in all her beauty and simplicity in flashes of insight and understanding her basic natural laws of operation, laws of oneness, were able to produce a craft capable of some of the same maneuvers and instantaneous travel that extraterrestrial craft appear to do in our skies.

To work with nature is the essence of what our planet, her ecosystem and all the lifeforms that live here are now crying out to humanity for. Crying out in geological catastrophe, in dangerously chaotic weather, in animals such as deer and even bears roaming and living alongside humans in their communities Humanity must turn back to working with nature, to appreciate and understand her in all her intricate simplicities. It’s time to turn our backs on creating greater and greater means of destroying life. It’s time to turn our backs on creating more and more stuff that alienates nature from herself, turning raw materials into toxic wastes. It’s time to turn our backs on making objects with “planned obsolescence”, encouraging a consumer society that routinely buys and throws away, and away and away, until where to put all the garbage becomes a huge and serious problem.

The Problems of Peace for a Society Based on War

In the Star Trek film, “First Contact”, the Enterprise crew traveled back in time to make sure that first contact took place with the Vulcans precisely on schedule as their history had recorded. Why? At least one of the reasons given was that it “united humanity in a way never before thought possible” causing an end to wars and a setting aside of differences that ushered in a new age for humanity, one that took them to the stars.

Most people these days would agree that world peace will flow from a more enlightened viewpoint of understanding and cooperation between the peoples of the world. But what could bring that about? We have a U.S. government revealing itself more and more transparently as a corporate oligarchy pursuing their own interests of power, domination and control, placing these agendas over every other concern, from the welfare of its citizens to the destruction of the world’s ecosystem. They appear now to any thinking, educated individual more and more as pathologically insane, and indeed if we look at it from a viewpoint of a lot of separate individuals on the face of the planet, then we can indeed buy into the victimization of individuals, groups and societies by this powerful few. But that victim-perpetrator view of the world leaves the majority of us impotently enraged and disempowered.

If however we view them as part of the collective of humanity, they look like the terrified ego of collective humanity, aggressively defending to its last breath its own survival, while the rest of humanity awakens to a new story of cooperative Earth community, as David Korten writes about in his seminal book, “The Great Turning”. This awakening is taking place in waves around the planet as more of collective humanity realizes that we cannot continue business as usual on this planet, dictated to by an elite few pursuing their own destructive agendas. Soldiers, from 5 star generals to buck privates, need to find the courage to lay down their arms and stop fighting wars that go against spirit and conscience. Communities need to take steps locally to create sustainability in their regions. If our governments will not take the leadership in creating a clean and sustainable world, then it is up to us to do so, community by community, across the globe. We need to spend our dollars like voting ballots, sending a message with what we buy that we consciously choose a clean and sustainable world.

In the face of the current environmental crisis, this can look like an 11th hour rush to unify humanity under an environmental banner, with many groups and societies still at odds, still pulling opposite directions, and still invested in wars and hatred. So, again the question, what galvanizing event could bring about world peace and unity?

As extraterrestrial craft are seen in greater and greater numbers in the skies of Earth, over every country in the world, we may have an answer. There is film footage of UFOs being fired upon, eluding the weapons and flying off, not retaliating in kind with what surely could be much more advanced and sophisticated weapons. There are multiple reports of ET craft flying over nuclear facilities, shutting them down and rendering inert nuclear missiles shot into the atmosphere.

In the book “From Elsewhere” by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., about extraterrestrial souls living on Earth born into human bodies or as ‘walk-ins’, one of the individuals, ‘Barrie’, he interviewed put it this way:

“How could the world continue on it’s course of war and famine, social injustice and inequality, fear, suspicion, and hate if it were known that there were beings among us who are in touch with a greater wisdom and, more important, a greater love? Our faith in authority would definitely spring a leak. How could we blithely follow our leaders if we realized there are cosmic beings of immense maturity available to help us right now?”

Barrie goes on to point out that:

“… peace would be a tremendous threat to the status quo: With peace, armies would have to lay down their weapons, police forces would shrink, the entire economic system would have to search for some basis other than war, and, finally, the foundations holding up big government would crumble. For those in power, peace is downright dangerous.”

Think also about how the world would be transformed with the advent of free energy. Free energy to light and warm our homes, transport ourselves and the goods we depend on for food, clothing, shelter. Free energy to supply means to grow food to feed people… please, just continue the list, use your imaginations. Our imaginations need the exercise after living in world held in a strangle-hold by oil and coal corporations, where the cost of transporting, heating, cooling, producing have an ever-increasing price tag that we all pay for our of the necessity created by such corporations over decades. Energy alternatives have been available, from extraterrestrial technology the government has been keeping in secret to devices created by inspired individuals that were seized and suppressed by government oil corporation-controlled interests.

How much more easily could peace come about, by open example of spiritually advanced benevolent extraterrestrials, in a world transformed into a place where no one had to do without?

The signs of the consciousness of humanity shifting into a greater awareness, greater love, more cooperation, and creating a new story to begin living out on our planet is all around us, in multitudes of organizations, in the weariness of war, in the refusal to allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear-mongering.

What if the central, galvanizing final touch to this growing and expanding collective human consciousness, and the marvelous future it has the potential to create, was first open global contact with spiritually advanced benevolent extraterrestrials?

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