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Open Letter to the Visionaries of the World: who walk at the frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality

I just saw Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Alberto Villoldo in a presentation called Choice Point 2012. Explaining at least briefly that UFOs/ETs are real from my experiences both in and out of the military, I asked what they thought about the fact that Francis Crick determined from his research that humans have 223 genes that he felt came from extraterrestrials, in a kind of directed, intelligent genetic upgrade. I said that I felt excited by the possibilities held out for the expansion of human consciousness by eventual, perhaps even eminent, open conscious contact with extraterrestrials.

Alberto Villoldo answered by talking about extra or ultra-dimensionals, making an assumption that by saying extraterrestrials I meant something other than extra or ultra-dimensionals. (Extraterrestrial, very simply, means by definition, “beyond terrestrial” or beyond Earth.) He mentioned orbs and other possible explanations of beings that are beyond the realm of physical, 3D reality. Didn't really address my question. If I had been able to respond or clarify, I would have told him that my definition of extraterrestrial included the types of beings he spoke of.

Bruce Lipton teaches us that it is consciousness, not DNA, that affects our evolution, physical to spiritual and that by becoming aware and using conscious choice, we can affect how our cells organize themselves and process information. This has amazing implications for eliminating disease through conscious intention, and helps to explain things like spontaneous remission of terminal illnesses. And I agree whole-heartedly with Bruce and his work has my full support. Since seeing him in Denver on May 30 I've studied his work even more closely, and the implications of “epigenetics”. But I don't think our DNA is totally irrelevant and meaningless, else why would we have it at all? I believe that codes for various abilities are locked in our DNA and how we expand and direct our consciousness determines how we turn on those abilities, which then allows us to expand more. And I also feel intuitively that DNA is not just a physical, third dimensional construct, but one that has a physical structure in the third dimension and a more expansive energy structure that reaches into the subtler realms of fourth, fifth and higher dimensions, at those realms being a multiple helix of many strands.

Gregg Braden came closest to answering my question, asking the audience how many of them believed that we come from somewhere else, and got a fair show of hands. While he didn't really go where I would have hoped with the question, in depth, it seemed to me that he has looked at this information for himself and is still contemplating how to work with it before speaking more openly about it. I have heard him mention his great respect for former astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who has been quite vocal about the reality of extraterrestrials, the truth about the Roswell UFO crash, and much more that he has been confided in. This includes information about special programs hidden from the public eye that include back-engineering extraterrestrial technology from the Roswell and other crashed saucer retrievals that were kept off the public radar far more efficiently than Roswell was.

Official statements have come from the Vatican in the last year about the reality of extraterrestrial life. If contact becomes a reality as this phenomenon becomes more and more highly documented through research, testimony and video, it would seem that the Church might be trying to preserve their position and credibility with their substantial numbers of followers.

Indigenous people around the world often talk about coming here to this world from “star ancestors” or “Star Nations”. In my own Cherokee heritage, there is a legend about the Cherokee people coming from the Pleiades, what they call “the seven little boys” rather than the seven sisters as they are called in other traditions. There is a recent history lore about an extraterrestrial craft that crashed in Aztec, NM in 1948, that had one survivor who was sheltered and hidden by the local Native Americans for a year and was picked up after that year by a fleet of UFOs now called the “Farmington Armada”. Antiquities, archeological and anthropological scholars such as Zecharia Sitchen, Erich von Daniken and Michael Cremo have uncovered evidence in the archeological record of ancient astronauts, people who came from the sky or the stars to Earth. Various pictographic records from ancient to modern show flying devices in the air (some looking like flying saucers reported in recent decades) and some that show people flying inside of these craft. The plains of Nazca and the huge and astonishing animal forms can only be truly appreciated from far above the Earth's surface, yet they were made in ancient times when supposedly no flying vehicles existed. Nassim Haramein, a physicist studying and postulating a theory about the nature of spin in the universe, from galaxies to atoms, has surmised from his research that extraterrestrials had some impact on Earth cultures in the distant past.

Modern extraterrestrial interventions include the documented testimony of many now-retired military men, who testified of their interactions with extraterrestrial technology and in some cases, the beings themselves. Most compelling to me is the testimony of the shut down of nuclear missile silos and missile tests resulting when UFOs lit up the skies over these nuclear facilities. As a child born into a world hanging in the balance between combative super-powers suspiciously circling and eyeing each other, both with their fingers on the nuclear trigger, this is a deep comfort to me… that some sane and peace-keeping extraterrestrial society has shown us that they have the ability to shut such weapons of mass destruction down and render them inert. And shut them down completely, from regular electric power, to the back-up generator power, to the back-up battery power, to the extent that it took days to bring these weapons back online to being launch-ready.

Crop circles also have been with us for hundreds of years and many scholars study them today. There seems a mysterious dance of consciousness exchange that the crop circle creators seem to be playing with humanity, expressed in beautiful and intricate detail on the canvases of crop fields. Yes, some are hoaxes. But one cannot put all of these amazing and complex designs down to hoaxes. Something profound is at work here, speaking to us in a deeply symbolic language that our conscious minds are mystified at, but that our deeper spiritual levels, perhaps understand and continue unlocking the secrets to expanding human consciousness on Earth in these amazing and challenging times we are all living through today.

Gregg Braden I have loved and respected as a personal teacher from afar for years. Seeing him in person at last was a rare treat for me, and my high opinion of him remains unchanged. But to not include or look at the extraterrestrial factor in all of his work is becoming a serious issue. At the very least, he might be asking himself how his work and his message would be impacted by the probable eventuality of open, acknowledged conscious contact with extraterrestrials, as a newly emergent reality in our world and how our world and its people will be impacted by such a reality.

To those of us who have studied and researched the extraterrestrial data for years, looking at government cover-ups, data gathered from antiquity, current pictorial and video evidence, which is increasing exponentially today, this is absolutely a real phenomenon. It will make a deep impact on humanity when it becomes a reality that no one can ignore any more. My own experiences in the military, and the recovering of memories from that military time and my own childhood through adulthood abduction/contact memories, with physical traces in my body, drove me to research and understand better what was happening to me and to try to understand the larger context of it all. And my deep spirituality has been the larger container for all of my experiences, for which I am deeply grateful, to have somehow been born to look always for the larger, cosmic view. So, Alberto Villoldo, who works so closely with indigenous elders regarding shamanic work, may have a resource and insight into the Star Nations legends and lore right before him, if he would simply inquire into it. I too am fascinated with orbs and other signs of other-dimensional beings, but I feel there are also galactic “star nation” humans with whom we here on Earth share a common heritage, physically, energetically and spiritually. There is a huge body of testimony to support this and not all of it can be simply dismissed.

Bruce Lipton, with your brilliant work into the “Biology of Belief”, you might do well to consider some of the data uncovered by Francis Crick of our extraterrestrial “intelligent design” origins in our DNA before completely dismissing any importance of DNA at all. I really honor your work and agree with it completely. So what kind of potential might be in these 223 non-coding extraterrestrial genes waiting to be turned on by expanding consciousness? In my own experience, every single part of my body lives in an energy dance with my consciousness. This is why I love your work, it confirms what I intuitively know.

To Gregg Braden, scientist, visionary and spiritual teacher, I would simply say (and to your colleagues of Choice Point 2012 as well) it's time to look at the extraterrestrial evidence and begin to ask some important questions… what-if questions to ponder, investigate and re-ask over and over again and allow the process to lead you to new knowledge that could bring greater depth to your work and what you have to share with others. I know traditional science has gotten to be much like religion in recent decades. They like their favorite evolutionary models and explanations, and troubling new evidence that throws their sacred dogmatic theories into question is not welcomed. They often choose to simply ignore it, especially when our government, religions, and traditional science have maintained such a position of official denial about things extraterrestrial, or even mystical and energetic. To court such subjects has been tantamount to professional suicide. So I understand that it takes great professional and intellectual courage to challenge such denial, or risk losing funding or supporters. But it seems to me that you are already challenging tradition and dogma with what you all are doing. So would any of you cast the same ridicule and denial that you yourselves may have experienced from more traditional scientific disciplines on the extraterrestrial phenomenon without investigating what is really there in the volumes of data around it first?

If you would but begin to venture into looking at the extraterrestrial factors at work in our world, at least quietly and privately, and ask yourselves those wondering, pondering expansive questions, with ever-expanding, evolving answers, you might find some illumination of your own work that has been eluding you up to now. And in having the courage to speak of it, you may find more of your audience receptive to hearing about how extraterrestrial factors may be influencing humanity and consciousness than you might realize. I feel strongly that at the non-ordinary states of consciousness symbolized by alpha, theta, delta and gamma states of consciousness, contact with extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional beings is already underway, and moving closer and closer to the surface of all our conscious waking minds. With my current experiences and knowledge, I work like a shaman to inform, educate, inspire and get people to begin to look at what is already before them, without fear. It's my firm belief that the extraterrestrials we might fear have already been on our world and created much mischief, including the enslaving of our consciousness to build a world structure and hierarchy that serves an elite few and keeps the rest of us in the dark as to the marvelous spiritual beings we truly are, with the power to create a world of magnificence. In essence, the plot or story of humanity now is, on the threshold of 2012, “Will they wake up in time to realize that they have the power to change their world into a place of peace and beauty and love?” And I thank you all in the most heartfelt and sincere way for the work you are all doing to this end… and invite you to consider the extraterrestrial factor in your work as well.

I loved all three of these men's presentations at Choice Point 2012 in Denver this past May 30, 2009. And also to these men, and all those spiritual, scientific and mystical teachers out there who consider these men their peers in the study and revealing of who we truly are as human beings, and what our untapped, but increasing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials truly are - I invite you and challenge you to look at the extraterrestrial evidence of contact and intervention in the affairs of Terran humanity from ancient times to modern and bring your wonderful minds, hearts and beings to bear on a deeper study of this phenomenon and its implications for humanity on every level.

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