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Durango Exopolitics News for May 2009

Hi Everyone,

The new year I had to hit the ground running to keep up with my life, so I've been pretty busy. My body has been reminding me that I have back problems and hand problems to contend with and I have had to measure out my time at the computer, so sorry for no update to Durango Exopolitics blog or emails for so long. I attended the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV the end of Feb., I was a speaker at the Aztec UFO Symposium the end of March, and I will be in Ohio the end of this month, and in Denver the end of May! Very busy time. My book needs to take priority as well, as growing numbers of people are waiting for it to come out. I hope you take a scan through the rest of the email for current news on me and more...

Victoria Liljenquist has a new blog, "Messages of Light from Victoria" at this link:
She has also posted new videos at YouTube with her updated messages regarding the times we are living in and her "Program of Victory" Tour this summer... check out "Amazing Journey" and find her list of others here:

Definitely take a look at the 10 minute YouTube Video,
"Disclosure 101". I have put it up here at Durango Exopolitics. It was recorded at the UFO Congress I attended in Laughlin, NV and it really shares the possibilities that contact would open up for humanity as well as other questions very well.

In this issue:

Wanderers, Walk-ins & Starseeds Group

Articles by Niara: The new Denver Extraterrestrial Contact Examiner & UFO Digest

Events & Interviews Online - Current & Upcoming

Lightship Pictures online
Durango Exopolitics Meetings – Restructuring!

Wanderers, Walk-ins & Starseeds Group
Meets at Dragonfly's Book Garden in Durango, CO

929 Hwy 3, Suite A

Emotions, Feelings, & the Exercise of Intuition
This is such an important topic we'll be continuing it in May with new material to view and discuss. How to avoid emotional manipulation. We live in a world & society contrived to manipulate our emotions. Story & Drama are essential components of emotional manipulation, unintentional or deliberate. We will identify our different emotions, how they are hardwired into us for specific purposes, & how to use them to our best advantage & be able to go quiet, center when discernment & use of our clear intuition is needed. Emotional turmoil, positive or negative, can interfere with our intuition, or feeling discernment. Learn techniques to quiet emotions so natural discernment can emerge.
Donations welcome... but not required.
Email me at for more info about the group.

I plan on this group also being available as a monthly conference call as well so those outside the local area can join in... stay tuned!

Articles by Niara:

I am now the new Denver Extraterrestrial Contact Examiner at the Denver Examiner online. I have my first article there to help those who haven't given UFOs or ETs much thought, or are skeptical. If you have friends or family you've been trying to educate about this, this would be a good article to send to them.

"What do UFOs & Extraterrestrials have to do with life in the real world?"

And at UFO Digest:

"The Toll of Silence: The Human Cost of National Security Act of 1947 Secrecy"

Events & Interviews Online - Current & Upcoming

Available online now: Listen to my new interview at the Purple Phoenix with Dana Shino here, a good way to find out what I've been so busy with since the first of the year!

Coming up:

I'll be on Paranormal Radio Network with Joe Montaldo this coming May 6th, 7pm Central Time, 6pm Mountain Time.


Schedule here:

The interviews are live or recorded for listening later.

Archives page:

2009 Paranormal Symposium, Angelfire, NM

September 11 - 13, 2009

I will be a speaker at this event as well. More details will be forthcoming!

Lightship Pictures Online
Beginning at the start of December to present, I've had regular sightings of what I'm calling "lightships"… sky phenomenon that flash and pulse in colors, blues, reds, violets, ambers and greens. I have taken pictures with my camera with a couple different settings and the pictures are amazing, and beautiful. See the lightship pictures I've taken over the last few months online here:

Durango Exopolitics Meetings – Restructuring!
I have been out of town the end of each month for a while now, so Durango Exopolitics has not been meeting. This month and May are the same, travel will prevent meeting the last Sunday of the month. I'm looking at how to restructure this so we can begin meeting again for film and discussion and fresh popcorn while we do it! I hope to have something in place for June but as I move more and more into the public with my education and activism, I'm not sure how my schedule will unfold at this time. Please stay tuned if you are interested in still seeing thought-provoking DVDs on disclosure, extraterrestrials, consciousness expansion and other topics relevent to the times we are living in.

As always, thanks for reading…



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