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Dispelling Fear: How to Make Believers out of Non-Believers

As I wrote the title, above, I thought of the scene in "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" where the main character was having a dream about a shaman helping her to see the approaching sailing ships, as if she were a member of a tribe for whom large European sailing ships were so far outside the tribe's experience that they had to be helped to see the ships by the shaman, who was more esoterically trained to see things outside the realm of everyday experience.

For those of us who have been, and continue to follow the exopolitical news together with mainstream news' bits and clips and connect the dots, some kind of disclosure process about extraterrestrial contact looks to be occurring. In fact, I feel it definitely IS occurring and I'm glad about it, however also maintaining an air of caution about the kind of disclosure we can expect from a secret government within a public government who has seen fit to withhold the truth for over 60 years, if not much longer.

In an email to one of my relatives, I let slip that I am working on a book. (About my own experiences and insights around the ET phenomenon, that for me, spans the entire spectrum from government secrecy to the spiritual expansion of human consciousness.) Interested, she asked me what I was writing about. Here we go, I thought. My human relatives are very mainstream and many of them decidedly conservative in their viewpoints. But as I go more and more public with my educational endeavors on this subject, they are more and more likely to hear about it. So I took the plunge. I share what I wrote to her here to help those of you out there who do know this is real find perhaps some way to share with those people you know who are still mired down in government-sponsored ridicule and disbelief of many years now. Here are my responses to her, over 2 different emails.

"As far as UFOs go, watching the videos I suggested, particularly the Disclosure Project ones are a good place to start. These are very, very compelling witnesses, extremely credible professionals and hard to ignore. If you truly have an open mind and watch this video, I think you will come away from it thinking about this subject in at least slightly less skeptical ways. I can only tell you that my experiences and the study I've done for years since support what these people have to say. I'm not really that interested in converting people, or really even discussing it with some people UNTIL they've viewed some of the videos I recommend. I have talked to my mother about this somewhat and she is skeptical too. That's fine if my family is skeptical, and that is one of the reasons you've never heard me talk about it. My experiences were deeply traumatizing and were done to me by human beings in the military hierarchy peripheral to observing ET technology, and I wasn't able to really work on healing for years until I put aside the ridicule and denial of much of the public about these subjects. I didn't need to add my own family's skepticism and denial into the equation as well, so I just haven't "gone there" in my conversations with family. And if you so desire, we have no need to "go there" in our discussions either. But I have gone public to talk about my experiences (a necessary final stage of healing) and family may hear about some of my public life in this regard.

I've also always been a deeply spiritual person, in contrast to being a religious person. I've relied more on my personal experiences in nature and worked to develop my own "sensitive" personal relationship with the Creator, rather than go to church or follow any religion. I was quite disgusted with the church in Perrysburg that I considered completely hypocritical in their catering to the well-to-do and popular in the community and leaving my family out in the cold so to speak. I later found out my mother was excommunicated for divorcing my father-- like she was supposed to stay in a marriage where she was physically at risk to stay within church guidelines. That was the final straw for me with organized religion. I'm a good loving person and a moral person, but it is part of my own spiritual code and development, not because I'm following rules laid down by religion. I feel I have an even deeper understanding of the reasons for loving and moral actions and behavior as a result of my own inner explorations. My spiritual life is a rich one and reaches into realms of psychic phenomenon from time to time. More and more science is coming out to confirm that we are part of a living, interconnected universe and those of us who are sensitive in a psychic way have been picking this up for a long time. Nice to see science beginning to confirm what we have always known and sensed, and have been taught by spiritual masters of the far East for generations.

Most of my life I've felt like an outsider in the family because of my spirituality, and I can't really remember a time when it hasn't been a part of me, it seems to have been with me from the cradle onwards. I haven't spoken of it much or shared much of it with my family... why bother them with it when they seem to not share it and open myself up for criticism? I got more than enough criticism while growing up as it was, and that was more healing I have had to go through in my adult years. I understand that, while harmful, it was not maliciously intended, rather it was a function of how many parents thought they should raise children and get them to comply with what they thought was best for them.

This is quite a bit of opening up for me with someone from my family and I have rarely done it before, except with my mom... and my kids, who have at least some of the same leanings and sense of spirituality that I have. I do love my family, in spite of differences, but the differences do hold me apart a lot of the time because I don't know if there will be the same loving acceptance of me with them as I try to give others. I have a lot of wonderful friends who are kindred souls and I have many deep conversations with them about these types of things and we are close. Feeling like an outsider with my own blood relations has been a little hurt I've carried around for a long time. I know at this point I can't change who I am nor would I ever want to. More and more I know I live in a living, loving conscious Universe and I'm an integral part of it as everyone is, and I wouldn't turn my back on my path or where it's taken me for anything, even with all it's difficulties.

Much Love,

Having gotten no reply to the above message, I wrote again to her this morning:

"Dear __________,

I haven't heard back from you after what I consider to be taking a risk in letting you know where I stand on this topic. I hope I have not disturbed or distanced you in any way, but again, I need to be who I am and I need to stand up for the truth around this issue as so many others are now doing, in the U.S. and around the world.

I'm sorry if it flies in the face of any of the beliefs you hold dear about our world, our government or the world's organized religions. I know that can be disconcerting and scary. But there is no reason to be afraid, particularly if you believe in a loving God, who holds us all in his heart. I usually don't use the word "God" any more, it is a word that means so many different things to different people, I use the term loving conscious Universe, which for me means actually a multiverse, a universe comprised of a variety of dimensions which our own physicists (not UFO researchers) are now exploring the qualities of.

While I'm on the subject of God, please know also that last May this year, the Vatican made a public announcement: "Extraterrestrials most probably do exist and if so, they are our brothers." Taken as a statement by itself, it's easy to regard as an anomaly and dismiss. But knowing as I do that it comes as part of a flow of information, a stream of bits and pieces that have been steadily moving into the news media, surrounded by less and less denial and ridicule, I think we are moving closer and closer to a time when extraterrestrial contact will be an acknowledged reality.

Here are 3 clips online regarding this subject, and there are countless others:

John Podesta, who is now heading up President-elect Obama's transition team (26 sec):

A CNN newsclip covering a National Press Club conference last Nov. and interviewing Stephen Bassett, a lobbyist in Washington D.C. who works to get the truth around this subject to come out (8 min 32 sec):

Two ex-military witnesses who have come forward, Clifford Stone and Robert Dean (9 min 41 sec):

Larry King Live has run an entire series of shows covering this topic in the last year, with some of the best witnesses and experts.

And, Monday through Friday, November 24-28, CNN's American Morning with John Roberts and Kiran Chetry aired a five-part series on UFO/ET/Exopolitical issues:

- MONDAY: NOT JUST CRAZIES - What do Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell, Actor Dan Aykroyd, Former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta and CNN Correspondent Miles O'Brien have in common? They have all seen UFO's, believe in them or both.
- TUESDAY: ROSWELL REVISTED - 61 years since the famous UFO incident and the place is still peddling the alien trade. We'll take you to the site where the UFO landed and let you decide.
- WEDNESDAY: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Abductions: are they a reality or a product of vivid imaginations. We'll talk with someone who says they've been for a ride with ET. Could this really be true?
- THURSDAY: CALL 1-800-ALIEN... PLEASE! - Listening to the heavens for a radio signal to prove there is intelligent life beyond Earth. What can be heard and could we make contact?
- FRIDAY: THE MARS WORM - Did the NASA Opportunity Rover snap a picture of a fossilized worm? If so, what does life on Mars mean for the theory that we're not alone?

While I expect the journalists reporting on this to still make their little jokes and jibes while showing this material, the fact that someone thought this subject worthy of doing an entire week of stories about shows that something is happening to perhaps put the issue in the forefront of peoples' thoughts.

I know you think of me as a known member of your family, and have a collection of ideas and associations about who I am based on our family ties and relationship. You can't know the experiences which convinced me of the reality of this, the trauma I endured while in the military and the years it took to finally begin to heal (and the educational process to the public that I'm doing now that is part of that healing process). You don't know the years of research I did around this topic to try to understand my experiences and put them into some kind of meaningful context. As frightening as the things that happened to me in the military were, the implications of them were even more frightening - a shadow government within our public government who operates out of their own private agenda and not in any way for the best interests of We the People, a cadre of individuals who can do what they want to people like me without fear of any repercussions or criminal legal consequences. These are the ones that are scary, not the real extraterrestrials. They have used back-engineered ET technology to bad ends and not to benefit the public but to give themselves unprecedented power. Unfortunately for them, their self-serving attitudes and motivations are the flaw that will bring them down. There is a saying there is no honor among thieves... and eventually they will turn on each other and the whole mechanism will collapse. I believe we are seeing that now.

I find that if one pushes hard enough on people's denial and ridicule on this subject what is revealed is their own fear of the unknown. How many times do we find people joking and ridiculing something that deep down, they fear? What if something really is out there and powerful enough to travel at the speed of thought through time and space and even other dimensions? Shouldn't we fear it? We have a known history on our planet of the strong preying on the weak, and conquering or killing less advanced peoples, less technologically developed cultures. This is not so however with the inter-dimensional extraterrestrials. For a culture such as theirs to achieve what they have, they must recognize the oneness and sacredness of all life - and that statement contains another whole essay in itself to demonstrate that point.

So I work to educate and inform and thus try my best to offer people a different viewpoint rather than one of fear. I point out that those we might truly fear are succumbing to their own collapse created out of their own selfishness and lack of reverence for life, which ultimately comes home to roost at some point as a group with such an attitude gains a certain level of power and begins to run amok with it.

I won't bring up this subject with you again unless you ask more about it, and I hope that we are still friends.


So, there it is. I hope I hear back from her regardless of whether she accepts what I wrote to her or not. She need not accept what I say for me to still love her as a family member and respect her position and beliefs. I don't need to talk to my family or waste their time or mine trying to convince them. But perhaps I've planted a seed that as they run into other information independent of my words or presence, will bring a gradual opening to and acceptance of the fact - at the very least - that something is indeed afoot and might bear paying more attention to.

As more and more material moves into the mainstream news media about the extraterrestrial phenomenon - the testimony, the reality of it - more and more people are being prepared for the idea that we have had contact, and will have more open contact someday soon. None of us should be cheated in any way as to the wonder and marvel of that contact, and the beginning of fulfillment of humanity's spiritual potential that will bring. But it bears keeping in mind that as the authors of the secrecy - the shadow government, the military-industrial complex - allow this information to be increasingly put out on mainstream TV, they may have their own agenda as they always have in the past, and it may be one of using the information they have to serve up more fear. Please assess all information by breathing deeply, going very quiet within and separating as much as you can the emotional slant and import of what you see and hear through what your gut tells you.

There truly is nothing to fear, but fear itself - the things it makes people do or say, or how they behave. The more we can maintain our equanimity in the face of all things, the more we can respond to the moment for our own highest good and the good of all.

Thanks for reading...


P.S. I did hear back from my relative, and all is well. She may yet be skeptical, but we're still family!

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CJ said...

Non believers will be non believers until they see the truth as we have; even then there will be those who choose to place their heads squarely in the sand.

I found you through Steve Hammons - a fellow Ohioan - when I wrote him to confirm that I was indeed a "Coyne Incident" witness and he suggested your blog as we seem to both have a similar "missing time" or as I refer to it "no time" incident in early 1981.
This incident was profound to me and I can recall it in the most minute detail.

Why do I write now?
Because time is short.