Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never forget, We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For & Citizens' Disclosure Activism

I felt much the same surge of joy, positive energy and relief when Obama swept the presidential election as anyone! And, I got 2 messages (among many) about the election and Obama being elected, from vastly different sources, but similar, all the same…

From spiritual channel Susan Leland:

“St Germain tonight said that America is the World. What happens here will move across the face of this planet and all will see that it is not about the victory of one man as head of the country. It is about all the new energies within all the peoples of the world that are standing together to watch the wave of change move from America to be shared with the world, and in turn the world to share with all peoples. There will be no return to the ways of the past as tonight those bridges were collapsed forever. Whether some know it or not, we have stepped up onto our path of ascension, in a decisive manner and only congratulations is in order. We will now find that where there were previously impediments, there will now be assistance and encouragement that only increases with each step we take. Without the harassment and destructive programs we will feel the lightness of heart and spirit increase in every place we go. In the supermarket, at work, or at play, a new energy has now commenced to lift us together. The changes will begin to accelerate at a dizzy pace now.”

What Obama's Election Means Abroad
Scott Baldauf, The Christian Science Monitor: "The world, which has tracked this American election like no other, sees Barack Hussein Obama as their president, their choice. And they see him through their own geographical and cultural prisms. To many, he represents the restoration of faith in American democratic ideals, of equality. The global euphoria over the election of the first black US president is also partly an expression of a populace that wants to believe that the same principles can apply to their lives, too."

In exopolitical articles and discussions going on right now online, it's being wondered if Obama will be the disclosure president we've all been waiting for, or will disclosure be relegated to the half-truth, half-deception of the military-industrial complex and black project groups wanting to keep to their secret agendas? Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group has initiated a new project, Million Fax on Washington. At this website, you can get guidance to send a letter (best option), fax (next best) or email stating your desire to see the truth embargo around extraterrestrials and their technology ended so that technologies that we need badly can be accessed and implemented to end oil addiction and clean up our planet.

These shadowy organizations have been making decisions about energy and technology that affect our whole world and everyone's lives, they've been doing it for decades, and they've been doing it to line their own pockets. A major environmental crisis is upon us as a result. This must end now and we must take every opportunity to see that it does.

Please join me in sending a letter ASAP. As happy as I am that Obama is now our next president, I can't forget how we got to an administration under the Bush regime. We got complacent. We thought we had a system of government - executive, legislative and judicial each checking and balancing the other - that couldn't go too far wrong, no matter who was in the White House.

Since you can get Obama's mailing address at Stephen Bassett's website, and while you are writing your letters for disclosure, please think to write also to President-elect Obama about the release, pardon or some kind of help for Gary McKinnon. I got an email this evening from James Gilliland of Eceti on this and he is right. We must not forget about Gary McKinnon and he needs protection from being turned over to military goons in the U.S. who would punish him severely and unjustly . You can get news on his plight at Alfred Webre's blog:

And Project Camelot did an interview with him as well and that can be accessed here:

Basically, Gary was able to get into a U.S. defense naval computer system where he found a file of "Non-Terrestrial Officers", meaning not human being officers from Earth! He is now fighting extradition to the U.S. to stay in the UK and do what penalty he needs to do for his crime there. He has been very worried about ending up in Guantanamo Bay. I certainly hope this place will be shut down when Obama takes office.

We also must not forget that some invisible cadre of powerful individuals rigorously stripped our choices for president down to McCain and Obama. While I hold out all hope for Obama being everything he appears to be, and am determined to think the best of him, I remember that my first and second choices for president, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul were not given a fair chance to run or participate in the presidential primary process.

I remember people in the 70s and 80s who felt they didn't want to vote, didn't need to vote, who felt that they could afford the luxury of not voting. People said it doesn't matter who's in the White House. And while We the People were looking the other way, enjoying the American Dream lifestyle - special interests stole our government and began slicing away our constitutional rights to use America's military might for their own corporate agendas. Never forget this lesson in democracy… to never again give our power away to political leaders again. We must involve ourselves in the policies and institutions that decide the course of our lives.

The best way to bring a desired thing into physical manifestation is to demonstrate your intention by taking positive action to create it. That shows the Universe you are serious and the Universe is waiting to give us what we desire, if only we step up, act and get out of our own way.

Never forget, We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For.

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