Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

With Christmas season just behind us, this line from “The Little Drummer Boy” Christmas carol came to mind to write this blog. As I sit here writing, I hear the clairaudient tone in my head that I've been hearing regularly now for about a year. I've mentioned it to some friends and several of them remarked on also hearing a “tone” in their head, ears, or inner ear. Here are some instances referencing a “tone” (or tones) that have synchronistically come to me via the internet:

This a comment from David Wilcock's website or blog that came to me via email, so I don't have the exact link:

“David, you keep bringing the “goods” to the table. This information is invaluable to everyone and to me as well. I have been following all your postings since I watched the 2012 Enigma video on Google. I found that video sort of by accident while hanging out with a friend at my house watching some other stuff and I decided to just type in some obscure search term and BAM! there it was like an answer to my question. I had been researching this type of material on my own since 2005. I have surprisingly come up to very very similar understandings and conclusions like you have. But 2012 Enigma put it all together and the one thing I remember the most was the “pineal” gland. That caught my attention more than anything and that's when I started to realize that the “ringing” in my head was natural and I started to take advantage of it and soon enough I had my first out of body exp. More than once since then and also very very cool flying dreams that seem very very realistic. I am almost thinking I am in the astral plane interacting with “real” people on a different “level.”

This next one came from an “Intenders of the Highest Good” email, where Victoria Barna, author of “Reclaiming Your Power” wrote:

“… I had to chuckle when I was listening to the road show CD when you mentioned the high pitch frequency that some of us hear. I've been consciously aware of mine for at least 2 years and my guidance told me that it was a clear and direct channel to the Highest Light/Mother-Father God and my guides. I didn't know what to make of it at first. Once I trusted this truth I accepted it as part of who I am. I did recently mention it to a friend who thought I might have tinnitus or ringing of the ears and I just looked at her and said, trust me, that isn't what it is! I'm grateful that you speak about it so that others know.”

Victoria also has a shares her insights and special messages at http://evolvingjourneysblog.com/ .

In an interview I listened to with James Gilliland on “Above Top Secret” an internet radio show, he also talked of this sound or tone that people are hearing, describing what I experience almost exactly. He talked of a tone people are hearing in their heads, that gets louder or softer, modulating, and what he called a pressure around the third eye point and a sensation on and around the top of the head like wearing a beanie cap. He calls it communication from the extraterrestrials when they are nearby in their ships and that a low bass tone signifies that a large mothership is in the area (although perhaps unseen). You can access this radio show here:

James description truly amazed me as it was a very close and precise description of what I experience, though I would describe what he calls “pressure” as just a gentle sensation around where the pineal gland in the center of my head is. I also get a visual sense of it and how it appears in my energy field. Here is my rough drawing of it:

What follows are my own insights or intuitions about this “tone”.

Many people jump to the conclusion that it must be tinnitus, but those of us hearing it don't think so at all. It seems to come from inside my head, around the pineal gland. I hear it all the time now, but I also have heard it for many years prior, it's just that before, I would only hear it out in the extreme quiet in nature, where it was a blissful experience to hear what I then called, “the sound of silence”. I have also likened it to hearing “all the electrons of creation spinning in their orbits.” For those that don't hear it, or aren't tuned into it, you can get an idea of it from striking a small chime, such as a Stannard “E” chime, and listening to the way the tone lingers on the air before it fades away.

The tone or tones shift and change from time to time, growing louder or softer, but these days it never is truly gone or quiet. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 tones creating a harmony. Sometimes one ear will get a louder tone then it drops off. I'm noticing this modulation and a more high-pitched tone in my left ear now as I write, and I wonder if whoever is communicating with me via this tone is giving me extra data to write about in a playful manner. There is a pleasant quality to what I hear, a soothing feeling of connection that I enjoy very much.

It often gets much louder and more pronounced the closer it gets to bedtime. Often I'll find myself replying, “Yes, I know it's bedtime, I'm going soon.” For several years now I've felt that I may be astral traveling to motherships in orbit while I sleep where I learn things in what I call, “the cosmic university”. I've met friends for the first time on Earth who I seem to know and have a connection with immediately, and somehow, we know we met in the cosmic university. So now I wonder if the tone getting louder, perhaps calling me to sleep, could be my ET instructor ringing the bell calling me to class.

Hearing the tone is relaxing. I suspect it keeps my brainwave state closer to alpha or theta than beta, and there is a sense of being connected to something special. In “Preparing For Contact” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, the being Lyssa channels, Sasha, a Pleiadian woman, says that it is when humans are falling asleep and entering the alpha or theta brainwave range that contact with extraterrestrials occurs. In fact, Sasha related that contact with an extraterrestrial can bring on theta brainwave activity, and since for most people theta is the precursor of sleep, that's what they do, fall asleep.

When I was part of a spiritual organization called Eckankar, they taught about this sound calling it the Eck, the sound & light of the Godhead as it traverses all dimensions of creation, actually facilitating Creation.

These are my initial writings and musings on this tone. My investigation of this experience continues!

Happy Hearing…

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Thanks Niara for such a well thought out description of what so many of us are experiencing.